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"To stand still is to move backwards."
 -- Ron Shandler


Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way

Leaders are necessary for growth. 

Unfortunately, leaders must be nurtured and developed since leadership cannot be learned from just taking courses offered in universities.

Consequently, without leadership development training, many organizations will never make teams work or lead the charge for change.

Personal leadership assumes that you have little authority, but want to lead. It's for those who want to exert influence during "moments of truth," which occur in normal conversation with another person.

We assume you DO NOT want to use your organizational position or authority to get compliance. So we focus on other types of leadership techniques and methods that allow you to influence, motivate and persuade.

This is a good program for those that wish to move up to being a supervisor or who want to learn the leadership side of project management.

This is an Image of Ben Franklin. A symbol of the European enlightenment. Franklin was also a successful writer, publisher, entrepreneur, scientist, government sector administrator, politician and diplomat -- a rare individual who was a leader in many different fields and did require on organization to do so.    

What Need Need to Get a Strong Start

Online Classes: Upcoming & Past Ones

    • 29-Oct-2023
    • 10-Dec-2023
    • A Six-Module Program. Available As An Instructor-Led Full Class (Level I Learning: Expertise Development) OR Available As A Dual Track Coaching Program (Level II Learning: Skill Development)

    This leadership training package contains down to earth, practical techniques based on behavioral principles to extinguish problems or ignite topnotch performance.

    • How to identify what turns employees on and off about work
    • Social rewards to recognize, praise, and commend superior performance.
    • 5 tools to initiate and prompt desired actions.
    • Crucial traps to dodge when applying negative reinforcement and punishment.
    • Internal and external motivators which change behavior.
    • The secrets of using modeling to set standards.
    • Four sound, proven triggers that prime dynamite performance

    • 05-Nov-2023
    • 16-Dec-2023
    • Full Class On-Line With 4-Modules (Concentration: Leadership Skills)

    Image by Lumaxmart

    Many "executive teams" fall short of their potential, resembling disjointed individuals rather than a cohesive unit. In such an environment, the potential of a team is often untapped, anchored at the baseline of mediocrity rather than soaring to the heights of excellence.

    Furthermore, studies reveal that a significant chunk of meeting time — between 30% to 60% — is unproductive. While meetings are crucial, many leaders struggle to conduct them effectively, leading to unresolved issues and ill-informed decisions.

    This course equips you with actionable tools and strategies to:

    • Transform disjointed groups into high-performing teams.
    • Conduct meetings that are efficient, focused, and productive.
    • Foster motivation, reduce conflicts, and establish clear communication channels.
    • Define roles, responsibilities, and achieve consensus for actionable outcomes.


    1. From Group to Team 

    In this module, you will explore the foundational differences between groups and teams. You'll delve deep into the core attributes that set high-functioning teams apart from mere groups of individuals. By understanding and modifying group norms, you can pave the way for enhanced cohesion and collaboration. By the end of this module, you'll possess the skills and knowledge to steer a disjointed group towards collective unity, ensuring that every member contributes towards a common purpose.

    2. Efficient Meetings

    Meetings are essential, yet so much time in them is often squandered. Dive into the secrets of running efficient, productive meetings where every minute counts. Learn strategies to keep discussions on track, involve all participants, and ensure actionable takeaways. With the tools from this module, you can transform meetings from time-wasting obligations into valuable sessions of synergy and collaboration.

    3. Groups to High-Performance Teams

    Every organization desires teams that outperform expectations. In this pivotal module, discover the step-by-step evolution process that morphs ordinary groups into high-performance powerhouses. Understand the dynamics, stages, and catalysts of team development, and apply these principles to supercharge your team's performance.

    4. Facilitating Leadership

    Great teams need guiding lights. Dive into the nuances of leadership styles that prioritize facilitation and consensus-building. Grasp techniques to harmonize differing opinions, foster constructive discussions, and guide your team towards unanimous, actionable decisions. Equip yourself with the leadership skills that inspire trust, respect, and collaborative achievement.

    5. Rapid Team Set-Up

    Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced world. Learn the art of quickly assembling project teams, ensuring that every member understands their role, responsibilities, and the team's goals from day one. This module equips you with strategies to orientate, motivate, and kickstart your team's journey towards success without unnecessary delays.

    6. The Problem Solving Process

    Problems are inevitable, but how you address them defines your team's success. This module offers a deep dive into systematic approaches to problem-solving. Understand how to identify root causes, brainstorm solutions, and implement strategies effectively. Equip your team with the robustness to tackle challenges head-on, ensuring issues become opportunities for growth and learning.

    • 05-Nov-2023
    • 17-Dec-2023
    • A Six-Module On-Line Full Class

    Portrait of Ben Franklin


    This is due to the fact that leadership is influence, and we don't influence things, we influence people. And the more you understand about how cognition affects behavior, the better you will understand what you see.

    Module 1: How To Emerge as a Leader

    Edmund Leighton (1853–1922) God Speed

    Assume you have just been given a position with a new title—you are in charge of a group of strangers. The title and the position help, but you still have a challenge, you must emerge as there leader.

    Module 2: What Makes a Group a Group and a Team a Team

    Shea Smith drops back to pass. Image by BrokenSphere

    Another type of leader in demand in today's world is the one you can build teams. A team leader is difficult, much tougher than being a supervisor of a group. However, teams are worth going after since teams out perform groups. And companies that know how to develop teams and their leaders typically out perform those who don't.

    Module 3: Avoiding The Bad Leader

    Stalin, Lenin, Kalinin in 1919. Image by: E rulez

    We tend to focus on the good, but we also need to understand the bad. Bad leadership has two aspects to it: the first is the person who is not effective as a leader, who has little influence or who has to rely almost exclusively on authority. A second dimension is the person who has a great deal of influence who can cause people who can engage in unethical or immoral actions.

    Module 4: Personality Traits 

    Traits are characteristics, patterns of behavior and thinking that are consist over time. They are also strong tendencies to act in a similar way across many different types of situations. For example, an introvert consistently will not say much, while the extrovert is continuously uses the voice. For leaders, traits are valuable in two ways. First, by identifying traits in another, one can predict how that person will act in the future. Secondly, it is reasonable to assume that certain traits associated with the being a leader and others associated with being a follower.

    Module 5: The Psychology of Success

    Viribus Unitis. Image by Tsui

    Success as a leader begins with understanding what goes on inside. For example, an entrepreneur must possess both management ability and leadership skills if the business is to grow. Learn what the psychologist's have identified some of the common aspects important in success.

    Module 6: Social Psychology — Understanding Organizational Culture

    Three Backfeet Chiefs, Image by MatGTAM

    Sad to say, one can succeed as a leader in one culture and miserably fail in another. It's important to understand the key organizational and national differences that impact leader influence. Rather than look at all national cultures, the focus is on East and West.

Past Programs Available On-Demand for Organizations or Coaching Clients

29-Oct-2023 The Quest of Heroes: The Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary (Self-Paced Short Course)
29-Oct-2023 Pitch Perfect: The Secrets of Constructing a Dynamite Presentation (Self-Paced Short Course)
15-Oct-2023 Leadership Communication Skills: What You Must Know to Influence a Group (Concentration: Verbal Communication & Leadership Skills)
08-Oct-2023 Play The Role: 16 Communication Tactics Needed to Be a Great Facilitator (Self-Paced Short Course)
08-Oct-2023 The Art of Reflection: Unlocking the Power of Experience (Self-Paced Short Course)
01-Oct-2023 Word Magic: 6 Must Have Communication Skills (Concentration: Verbal Communication & Leadership Skills)
01-Oct-2023 LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS: What You Must Know About Leadership (Concentration: Leadership Skills)
24-Sep-2023 The Essence of Wisdom (Self-Paced Short Course)
17-Sep-2023 Motivation Essentials (Self-Paced Short Course)
03-Sep-2023 Be a Star Manager and Leader on the Stage of Work (Self-Paced Short Course)
06-Aug-2023 The Breakfast of Champions: Changing Others With Feedback (Self-Paced Short Course)
23-Jul-2023 What You Need To Know About Resilience (Self-Paced Short Course)
02-Jul-2023 Face-To-Face: Enhance Your Interpersonal Communication (Self-Paced Short Course)
26-Jun-2023 Mastering Interpersonal Dynamics: Top 4 Techniques To Improve Relationships (Self-Paced Short Course)
26-Jun-2023 POWERFUL THOUGHTS: Improving Your Performance With Self-Talk (Self-Paced Short Course)
19-Jun-2023 Future Ready: Map Your Future CAREER ROLES (Self-Paced Short Course)
12-Jun-2023 The Great Founder Paradigm: (Self-Paced Short Course)
07-May-2023 The Five Keys To Better Listening (Self-Paced Short Course)

Our Four Phase Delivery Process

Needs Analysis


a. Choose a role or map your skills on the stage of business (Optional but highly recommended)

b. For Expertise, choose your ConcentrationFull Class, or self-paced module.

c. For Skills, decide on either Dual Track Coachingor Impact Coaching. Contact us to coordinate on module(s).


This part of the process is easy. It's like buying any product by credit card for the first time. 


1. Choose a public program on this site OR contact us for customized training. 

2. Register and pay for the course of learning.

3. Fill Out Your Profile.

4. Stay on top of the orientation emails you will receive. 


Taking on orientation program is optional, but highly recommended. We run three orientations:

1. Orient Yourself to Moodle. Never taken on online class? We got you covered.

2. Enhance Expertise. For the full classes, we focus on improving reading comprehension, focusing attention, and how to reduce the forgetting curve.

3. Upgrade Skills. Few know how to practice. Fewer still know the mental practices that accelerate skill development.


Engage in one or more of our four, six, twelve or sixteen- week courses. 

Proof of learning does not involve grades (unless needed for employer reimbursement). As evidence of successful completion you receive a certificate (for expertise) and badges (for coaching). 

Develop artifacts elated to the work you do in a course. This can be shared on sites like Linkedin as part of your profile.  

Finally, reflect on experience to develop lessons learned. 

Choose a Format Right For You

Mastery Level 1: Developing Expertise

Bring Learning Inside Your Organization

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About The Program Designer

Murray Johannsen is founder and President of Legacee and The Legacee Academy where he heads-up the focus on high demand skill-sets not taught well (or at all) by most b-schools. These include the major competencies of: the skill of building skills, digital marketing, and transformational leadership. Murray also keeps one foot in the academia by serving as an adjunct professor at UCLA and other universities. Finally, he continues to research and publish on major developments in the future of work and 21st Century skills. He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

Programs With Flexibility Designed In

You might say, expertise requires memorization; skill development requires practice; and mastery requires real effort. But whatever level of learning you want, we follow a process (see below). Discover how the classes (and the modules within them) are organized.

Opportunities For Leaders

Smart people up there game before they need to play. This is, those on the fast track prepare themselves ahead of time for greater responsibility.  When the door of opportunity opens, they are ready to step through it. You may want to:

    • Prosper as a team leader. A tough role to play. Typically, you have all the responsibilities of a supervisor with none of the authority.
    • Get your ducks in a row — be a project manager. Leadership is important here since one (ideally) can evolve the group into a team.
    • Prepare to be a supervisor. It's long been known, supervisors don't lose that job because of lack of technical skills, they lack people skills.
    • Hop onto the fast track. Most organizations (although they won't say so) have identified a pool to promote quickly.  

Options For Individual Learning

Take a Self-paced Course

. You have the freedom work get it done when you want.

Take any Public Program as they come up. A nice way to meet others who are also interested in what you are interested in.

Get Coaching on the Dual Track. Take a module (there are many) and strive to master it in 30-days.
Access Customized Learning. We have subject matter experts who can put together something designed uniquely for you in the areas of:

Skill mastery, and

Digital marketing. 

Human Resource or Training Manager

Organizations have different delivery options.  For groups this includes: on-line, blended or even live training (we bring the instructor to you). Either on an individual class or as a cohort basis. 

One can also choose whether you want the coaching necessary to develop skills or would rather focus on skills. 

Rather than develop a class (an expensive proposition), you can

• License one or more in a series, and 
• Use the courseware with your own trainers or ours.

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