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    • 19-Mar-2018
    • A 4-Week On-line Short Course (Concentration: Skill Mapping)

    Melpomene (Tragedy) by Edward Simmons.

    "The door of opportunity frequently opens for those best prepared to walk through it." — Murray Johannsen

    Success is more than just living in the present. Some people have dreams, but few have vision. Some simple live in the present, but others use the present to prepare for the future.

    For example, birds live in the moment, but squirrels use the moment to prepare for the future. Birds exists day-to-day, squirrels store food in the summer for winter. And so it is with people.

    This module covers essential elements needed to stimulate foresight and construct a vision.


    Create Vision — Activate Imagination

    Learning Objectives:

    • Develop the information sources for a robust program of environmental scanning.
    • Develop a deeper understanding of foresight
    • Practice developing a vision for your future.

    John William Waterhouse (1849–1917): The Crystal Ball. But honestly, we don't need a crystal ball if we know how to use our imagination.

    • 02-Apr-2018
    • A Four-Week On-Line Short Course (Digital Marketing Concentration: Track I Ends Nov 6)

    Facebook has 1.6 billion monthly users and a market value of over $300 billion. That makes it the largest social media network in the world—an extremely important platform where you can generate leads and prospects and fans while interacting with friends.

    This course focuses on PAGES and FANS and REVENUES, not profiles and friends, for these are the key elements to utilizing the platform to grow brands and business.

    You will discover:

    Module 1: Facebook Advertising: Reaching Millions in Minutes


    Facebook Foundations: Critical Parts to a SophisticatedPlatform

     Setting Up a Dynamite Personal or Business Page

    Tools and Techniques to Build, Expand and Sustain a FanBase

    Facebook Marketing: Habits to Develop, Pitfalls to Avoid

    Image by: olga.palma

    • 16-Apr-2018
    • A 4-Week On-Line Short Course With Optional Coaching (Concentration: Digital Marketing: Track I)

    Grow Your Social Capital

    Not growing social capital is a hug mistake—like not saving for retirement, Sure you need to be competent but who you know matters. And have a large network matters when it comes to getting work.  

    For example, International and national business was much more difficult and expensive—fruitless hours prospecting, sitting in a planes cars and hotel rooms. Now you can generate national and international leads sitting at home.

    Today you may still have to travel, but you are traveling to meet someone who already knows you. More importantly, the issues of trust and credibility have been sorted out prior to the face-to-face. 

    Key Take Aways

     Benchmark individuals with really impressive profiles

     Discover the many ways you can project your expertise

     Define the essential attributes making up your “personal brand.”

    You have a two-week money back guarantee.

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