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Prior to Enrollment. We could recommend that you look at the learning pathways and academy policies. For example, we know the situations change and so offer a money back guarantee. 

Enrollment. The process is pretty easy. Similar to the buying any product by credit card for the first time. 

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Taking the Class. Full classes (Level I Learning) open up one-week early. This is done primary for those who are not familiar with on-line learning. You can still register and enroll through the first week of the class. Short Courses (Level II Learning) start whenever you and your Master Instructor want to. 

Reflection. We close out a class with a focus on what was learned and should have been learned. 

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Develop Top Drawer Relationships: Proven Techniques That Work (Concentration: Verbal Communication)

  • 08-Apr-2019
  • Available as: a Self-Paced Program (Level I: Learning Expertise) OR a Dual Track Short Course (Level II: Skill Learning)


  • Enhance Your EXPERTISE. Get access to this program for thirty-days. Learn at your own pace. There is no instructor but email support is available. Access this course 24/7 by desktop, lap-top, notebook and smart phone.
  • Want the Personal Touch? Get learning customized to you. Take 30-days to learn and practice. Plus you have your own Master Instructor who will function as a mentor to answer questions and coach to go the next level and build skills. You meet with your assigned guide at the start (to plan the engagement), at least once a week during delivery, and at the end (to review and the lessons learned).
    START ANYTIME. FREE CONSULTATION. Want more information on how this works? Check out:

You will receive a confirmation email that has more details. If you choose the coaching option, your instructor will be getting ahold of you individually.
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 "It's not what you know; but who you know." — American Saying

This module focuses on a key factor of success — your personal and professional relationships. 

Knowing how to relationships present many benefits. To sum up: 

• Employees all want to work with someone they like, 

• They only listen to those they trust

They know how to convey a positive first impression,

• They want to work for someone who has credibility, and 

• They prefer to work with someone who has the empathic skills to deal with their less desirable emotions.

And of course, one cannot exercise influence if the relationship is not sound. This is one thing, we never get too good at. 

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  • Develop Top Drawer Relationships: Proven Techniques That Work (Concentration: Verbal Communication)

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