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Pitch Perfect: The Secrets of Constructing a Dynamite Presentation (Concentration: Verbal Communication)

  • 13-Sep-2021
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Average speakers use a presentation to inform. Great speakers use the platform to persuade, motivate and to inspire. They know techniques one has to learn and practice to wow the audience.

When the best visuals are combined without a dynamic, credible speaker, there a magic in words. Be ready to learn how to cast a few spells.

Discover proven tactics to increase persuasiveness and the wow factor.

Option 1: Self-Paced Learning 

You will receive 5 videos  two a week — 37 minutes of video total.

1a The Opening: Delivery Getting The Relationship Right

1b. The Great Opening: Getting Their Attention, Motivating Them to Listen, and Cueing

2a. The Body of the Pitch: Delivery — The Visual and the Auditory

2b. The Body of the Pitch: Structuring Your Content

3a. Wrapping-Up: So Much to Do In So Little Time

All for $9.95

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Option 2: Dual Track Coaching

Want the Personal Touch? Want an expert to answer your questions? Need a learning program customized to you? Strive for Mastery in 30-days. Meet at the start (to plan), once a week during delivery, and at the end (for lessons learned).

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