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Play The Role: Communication Skills For Virtual Meetings

  • 28-Sep-2020
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Module Description:

Every time someone speaks in a group setting they are playing a role. These communication roles don’t last long -- from a minimum of a couple of seconds to a maximum of a couple of minutes. Yet these “microroles” greatly impact group effectiveness by determining how well the group handles information. In fact, these verbal patterns determine whether individuals even understand what’s going on.

Outcomes include:

• Understanding how to play the role

• Playing the 10 task roles that insure the job gets done.

• How to play 6 relationship roles to build bonds between individuals

• Recognizing and controlling the 10 self-oriented roles that disrupt groups

• Identifying four personality types that produce dysfunctional behavior.

This is for managers, supervisor's, and service professionals such as health care professionals, accountants, trainers, and consultants.

Option 1: Self-Paced Learning 

You will receive 8 videos two a week by email. 95 minutes total.

  • The Why Video — The reason playing micro-roles make a great deal of sense (6 minutes)
  • Two videos on Tasks Roles — What you can do to get things done (34 minutes)
  • Two videos on Relationship Roles — The glue that holds people together (24 minutes)
  • Three Videos on Self-Oriented Roles — These are the dysfunctional behaviors that cause no end of problems for groups (31 minutes)

All for $14.95

• 100 percent risk free. You have a two-week MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all programs.

• START ANY TIME on Self-Paced, Short-Courses and Customized Coaching programs.

Option 2: Dual Track Coaching

Want the Personal Touch? Want an expert to answer your questions? Need a learning program customized to you? Strive for Mastery in 30-days. Meet at the start (to plan), once a week during delivery, and at the end (for lessons learned).

COACHING programs can be offered on a subscription or installment basis. Set-up a FREE CONSULTATION.

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An On-Line Class

The Dual Track Coaching In a Full Class

Individualized instruction — start any time. One meets with your assigned master instructor at the beginning, weekly during delivery, and at the end. 

Each module takes two weeks to complete. The first week is dedicated to reading and understanding the content. The second week to focused practice and reflection on what was learned.

This is coaching with a difference. The focus is on skill building and the ability to apply theory.  

The Instructor-Led Full Class

This is just like taking a regular on-line class at a university. The focus in on expertise, knowing and understanding.

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If a particular class doesn’t have enough members to be run, you get your money back or choose another type of delivery option on this page. This class runs on a cycle of one-module a week; which includes exercises and  application assignments.

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