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Prior to Enrollment. We could recommend that you look at the learning pathways and academy policies. For example, we know the situations change and so offer a money back guarantee. 

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Taking the Class. Full classes (Level I Learning) open up one-week early. This is done primary for those who are not familiar with on-line learning. You can still register and enroll through the first week of the class. Short Courses (Level II Learning) start whenever you and your Master Instructor want to. 

Reflection. We close out a class with a focus on what was learned and should have been learned. 

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The ABCs of Performance Management (Concentration: Motivation at Work & Leadership Foundations)

  • 08-Jul-2019
  • A Six-Module Program. Available As An Instructor-Led Full Class (Level I Learning: Expertise Development) OR Available As A Dual Track Full Class (Level II Learning: Skill Development)


  • Full classes run on a cycle of one-module a week. Beside articles, videos and assessments; each class includes exercises (often in the form of forums and discussions) and assignments (designed with application ins mind). See a sample module:
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  • This is coaching with a difference. You meet with your Master Instructor before class starts, weekly during delivery, and at the end (for debrief and lessons learned). For each of the six modules, spend one-week on the theory and one-week on the application. During week one besides getting the theory down, we figure out how to apply and practice it. During week two you focus on getting it right. And if it’s not right — to doing it over.
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This leadership training package contains down to earth, practical techniques based on behavioral principles to extinguish problems or ignite topnotch performance.

  • How to identify what turns employees on and off about work
  • Social rewards to recognize, praise, and commend superior performance.
  • 5 tools to initiate and prompt desired actions.
  • Crucial traps to dodge when applying negative reinforcement and punishment.
  • Internal and external motivators which change behavior.
  • The secrets of using modeling to set standards.
  • Four sound, proven triggers that prime dynamite performance

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