The Legacee Academy

The ABCs of Performance Management (Concentration: Motivation at Work)

  • 06-Mar-2017
  • 23-Apr-2017
  • Six-Week Full Class On-Line With Instructor


  • Take a practical class to learn the essentials of the most useful and powerful theories of human motivation—a theory that works in humans and animals.

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This leadership training package contains down to earth, practical techniques based on behavioral principles to extinguish problems or ignite topnotch performance.

  • How to identify what turns employees on and off about work
  • Social rewards to recognize, praise, and commend superior performance.
  • 5 tools to initiate and prompt desired actions.
  • Crucial traps to dodge when applying negative reinforcement and punishment.
  • Internal and external motivators which change behavior.
  • The secrets of using modeling to set standards.
  • Four sound, proven triggers that prime dynamite performance

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