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INFLUENCE AT WORK: How to Enhance Your Personal Power

  • 14-Sep-2016
  • A 9-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor


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  • One never gets too good at the ability to influence. There is always more to learn, always more patterns to practice in the nine major spheres of influence introduced in this class.
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"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." -- Ken Blanchard

Many managers and executives depend too much on their authority -- a limited source of power that doesn’t work well on peers and the boss. Consequently, they fail to get the results they want.

Additionally, many individuals rely too much on positional influence, rather than developing personal influence. Positional influence is typically limited and constrained, but personal influence is something that can be grown and expanded. Another fact limiting influence, is that many tend to act selfishly like dragons hoarding their gold; rather than socially, like philanthropists who spread the wealth of their influence to benefit others.

This class expands one’s knowledge by providing practical influence techniques to increase one's influence to better match the scope of one's responsibilities. Participants learn:

The Use and Misuse of AUTHORITY

Practical insights into motivational consequences including POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT and PUNISHMENT

How to project EXPERTISE

How to make use of the RELATIONSHIPS

Ways one can use developmental COACHING

 Key principles underlying PERSUASION

 The Nature of building CHARISMA

 Using VISION—The Power of Setting Expectations

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