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The Way of The Hero: What All Great Leaders Need to Know (Concentration: Transformational Leadership)

  • 06-May-2019
  • Available as a Self-Paced Short Course (Level I Learning: Expertise) OR a Skill-Intensive Short Course (Level II Learning: Expertise and Skill)


  • Enhance Your Knowledge & Understanding. Get access to this program for 30-days. Learn at your own pace. There is no instructor, but email support is available. Access this course 24/7 by desktop, lap-top, notebook and smart phone.
  • Want the Personal Touch? Take 30-days to learn and practice a program customized to you. You have your own Master Instructor who functions as a mentor and coach to go the next level and build skills. You meet with your assigned guide at the start (to plan the engagement), at least once a week during delivery, and at the end (to review and the lessons learned).

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Painting of Joan of Arc. Saint of the Catholic Church. Patron of the French Army. A peasant girl who liberated France from British in the siege of Orlean and thus changed history. 

If you act to change the existing order of things, you are on the Quest of Heroes. 

This gives you a great and noble purpose, to fundamentally make your world a better place. For in the structure the hero's journey, we see our own struggles to achieve. 

The story of the hero is ancient, yet still alive today.

Many of our greatest works of literature and our most popular movies have as their fundamental focus the Quest of the Hero. 

And in the story of the hero, we see our own story—or what might be your own story. For it is true today as it was in the past, that doing anything great is going to be difficult. 

Yet, we can earn from those who have gone before, and make our own road easier, the journey quicker, the path less likely to end up in failure.

    Learning Objectives
    Level I Learning: Expertise
      • Identify the essential elements needed to move from average to great.
      • Delve into the power of myth to understand the challenges you will face.
      • Get inspiration from the Hero archetype in the great stories from the past 
      • Understand the Four Core Competencies of Transformational Leaders
      • Know why transformational leaders and Great Founders need to act less like managers and more like heroes.
      Level II Learning: Skills
      • Assess where you are on your Quest
      • Choose your path, construct your vision for what you will do next
      • Find two heroes that will serve as an example and source of inspiration
      • Delve into identifying flaws limiting your success

      Pallas Athena statue, in front of the building of the Parliament in Vienna, Austria. Image by: Zebulon. An example of both myth and archetype that survived for thousands of years. 

      We all face a choice, to strive to do something great or to die forgotten. For Heroes do great things. And because they do great things, they will not die forgotten

      Don't become just a name on a stone — unremembered after the children and grandchildren are gone. 

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