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WORD MAGIC — 6 Must Have Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • 02-Oct-2017
  • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Concentration: Verbal Communication Skills & Leadership Foundations Ends Nov 13)


  • This class runs on a cycle of one-module a week; which includes exercises and application assignments. It’s focused on the development of expertise (Level I Learning). Just sign-up—we will send you more information by email. Bonus: Receive a classic white paper on “How to Improve Reading Comprehension.”
  • Learning Customized to You — The Individual. Target your skill building effort. You take 30-days to practice one of the modules in the Full Class. Plus you have your own guide who will function as a mentor and coach. You meet with your assigned Guide at the start (to plan the engagement), at least once a week during delivery, and at the end (to review and the lessons learned). Special bonus: A crash course on master skill development.
  • This is a faster skill building than the Short Course option since each module takes two-weeks to complete. You meet with your Guide at the before class start, weekly during delivery, and at the end (for debrief and lessons learned). In each theory and practice cycle, the first part of the week is dedicated to getting the theory down. After that, it all about practice and reflection. Special bonus: An email crash course on skill development.
  • Honestly, the organization that learns faster than competitors has a SUSTAINABLE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. You can access live content (i.e. overheads, exercises, etc), Concentrations, Full-Classes and Short Courses. Give your organization an edge. Bonus: A Great McKinsey piece on The CEO and Lifelong Learning. Contact us at:

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  "Just because you have two ears and a mouth, doesn't mean you know how to communicate." -- A Mother's Advice To Her Son.

Despite it importance, few people spend the time to really understand it or to improve the component skills of interpersonal communication. So you might way, the competition is weak.

Still, at some point in climbing the organizational latter, your skills in this area will either make you or break you. Make the  investment in interpersonal communication skills, it will pay off many times over.

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TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Using the Full-Duplex Method to drastically reduce miscommunication

LISTENING Skills: Six types of listening: Five that improve listening and one that doesn't

NONVERBAL Communication: How to better read face and hear the meaning in tones and intonation

The Use of QUESTIONS: Eight types of questions that shape a conversation

Your RELATIONSHIPS: How to generate positive impressions, increase trust, & be better liked

INTERVIEWING: Technically, the communication aspect of interviewing includes all the above elements. However, most people don't spend the time needed to polish their communication skills before the interview. And so, they lose the job. Don't let this happen to you.

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