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The Art of Reflection: Unlocking the Power of Experience (Self-Paced Short Course)

  • 08-Oct-2023
  • 12-Nov-2023
  • Available Self-Paced or with Coaching on the Dual Track


  • LEARN BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, not because you’re keep the seat warm to get a degree.
    Learn at your OWN PACE — go as quickly or as slowly as you want.
    Access this program for 30-days 24/7 by desktop, laptop, notebook and smart phone.
    Get Feedback: Complete the exercises and assignments — then set-up a meeting with one of our experts.
  • • Learn in a 30-day cycle a discrete skill.
    • TIRED OF BEING A NAMELESS FACE IN A ROOM? You actually talk to your instructor
    • WANT SOMETHING YOU CAN APPY? Your coach — your MASTER INSTRUCTOR—adapts the built-in exercises and application assignments.
    • MEET MULITPLE TIMES on-line. Kick-off the program (to plan the engagement), once a week during delivery, and at the end (to review and the lessons learned).

  • These are not priced because since the program is designed specifically for individuals for organizations. Contact us at: for more information.

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Module Description

"Life teaches, but only if you're willing to learn." — Anonymous

Imagine repeating the same mistakes over and over because you're not able to fully grasp the learning opportunities hidden in each experience. It's a familiar cycle for many.

This course, aims to break that cycle by teaching you the skill of reflection, a cornerstone of personal and professional growth.

Why Learn Reflection?

Reflection is a critical part of continuous learning and improvement. It allows us to understand our experiences, learn from them, and apply this learning to improve our future actions and decisions.

By mastering the art of reflection, we can become more self-aware, enhance our problem-solving abilities, and cultivate a growth mindset, making us not just better learners, but also more effective leaders and innovators.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

The Science of Reflection: Understand the underlying psychological and neurological aspects of reflection and how it impacts our ability to learn and grow.

Techniques for Effective Reflection: Discover various methods of reflection, including journaling, meditative thinking, and structured review techniques, to find the approach that suits you best.

Integrating Reflection into Daily Life: Learn how to create a consistent practice of reflection, ensuring it becomes an integral part of your day-to-day activities.

The power of Reflective Listening: Enhance your interpersonal skills by using reflective techniques in conversations, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

Transforming experiences into insights: Learn how to extract valuable insights from your reflections, turning each experience into a stepping stone for growth and improvement.

Whether you're a professional seeking to climb the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur navigating the challenges of running a business, or a lifelong learner keen on maximizing personal growth, mastering the skill of reflection can provide you with a powerful tool for development.

Enroll in "The Art of Reflection: Unlocking the Power of Experience" today and begin your journey towards a more reflective, insightful life.

This Online Course includes:

  • 2 Videos
  • 9 Readings
  • 2 Exercises
  • 2 Assignments

This is the perfect resource for entrepreneurs and executives who are driven to achieve success in their business ventures. For it should be clear, that one you must manage, you MUST BE MORE THAN A MANAGER if you are to experience great success.

• START ANY TIME with Self-Paced and Customized Coaching programs.

• 100 percent risk free. You have a two-week MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on all programs.

 Remember: You have a Money—Back Guarantee

Self-Paced Learning Online: Our most Affordable Option 

Self-paced online courses offer a better way to balance your responsibilities while advancing your knowledge. Take Control of Your Learning Journey with Self-Paced Online Courses. These format offers:

• Flexibility. With self-paced online learning, you have the freedom to learn at your own convenience. No fixed schedules or deadlines. Learn when it suits you best.

• 24/7 Accessibility. Expand your horizons without leaving your home. Access content on you phone, desktop or lap-top..

• Work-Life Balance: Fit learning into your busy life whether you're a working professional, a parent, or a student.

Switch Learning Methods. Start with self-paced and then shift to coaching to focus on mastery

Experience the freedom, flexibility, and personalization that self-paced online courses offer. Start your learning journey today and discover a world of possibilities.

You don't have to hurry. You have 60-days to complete this learning class.

Option 2: Dual-Track Coaching

Tap into the Power of Online Coaching for Transformational Growth.

Want the Personal Touch? Want an expert to answer your questions? Need a learning program customized to you?


Personalized Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one sessions with a qualified coach who understands your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations.

Convenience and Flexibility: Connect with your coach from anywhere in the world through online platforms, with flexible session timings to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Steady Progress Each Week: Stay on track with regular check-ins and personalized support, pushing you beyond your comfort zone to achieve your desired outcomes.

Confidentiality and Privacy: Enjoy a safe and confidential space to explore sensitive topics, with the assurance that your conversations are protected.

Accelerate your Learning. Not only do you learn expertise, but you have guided practice to turn you expertise into a skill. 

COACHING programs can be offered on a subscription or installment basis.


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An On-Line Class

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About Your Instructor

He Plays These Roles on the Stage of Business: 

  • Founder and Business Owner
  • Professor (Live and Online)
  • Corporate Trainer (Live and Online)
  • ExecutiveCoach
  • Career Coach for Students

Murray Johannsen is founder and President of Legacee and The Legacee Academy where he heads-up the focus on high demand skill-sets not taught well (or at all) by most b-schools. 

These include the major competencies of: skill mastery, digital marketing, and transformational leadership. 

Murray also keeps one foot in the academia by serving as an adjunct professor at UCLA and other universities. 

Finally, he continues to write and publish on major developments in the future of work and 21st Century skills. 

He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

Professor Johannsen's Instructor Bio

Besides having a number of years teaching at universities, Mr. Johannsen runs his own training and development organization focused on skill set's employers are crying for in the areas of: skill mastery; digital, social media and influencer marketing; and leadership skills.  

Unlike most full-time professors, he knows what employers want and what student lack when it comes to getting work (and getting better work). Murray has seen it over and over again; bad resumes and poorly written profiles and interviews that fail to impress. And so designed the course to deliver the verbal and written skills employers want in employees and supervisors.

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