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The Nature of Resilience (Concentration: Stress Reduction)

  • 07-Feb-2022
  • 07-Mar-2022
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Anything really worth doing, is going to be difficult. 

And since most everyone will face difficulties at some point of life, it is important to understand how resiliency works and how mental toughness can be enhanced.

Learning Objectives

  • What resilience is — what it isn't
  • What it takes to increase your mental toughness
  • Why all great success rests on a foundation of resilience
  • The nature of control in achieving success — both internal locus and external.
  • How not to respond to adversity—the trap of learned helplessness.
  • Take assessments, perform exercises and do application assignments

An On-Line Class

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  • The Nature of Resilience (Concentration: Stress Reduction)

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