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The Linkedin Starter Pack: What's Essential To Getting Internships and A Better Job (Concentration: Digital Marketing)

  • 01-Apr-2019
  • Available as 30-day Dual Track Short Course (Level II: Skill Learning)


  • One meets with your assigned instructor at the beginning, weekly during delivery, and at the end. Each module takes about two weeks to complete. The first week is dedicated to reading and understanding the content. The second week to practice and reflect on what was learned.
  • You pay little more, but it's easier to management when on a budget.
  • Learn in a 30-day cycle a discrete skill.

    LEARN BECAUSE YOU WANT TO, not because you’re keep the seat warm to get a degree.

    WANT THE PERSONAL TOUCH? You actually talk to your instructor — you are not a nameless face stuck in a large lecture hall.

    WANT SOMETHING YOU CAN APPY? Your coach — your MASTER INSTRUCTOR— can adapt the built in exercises and application assignments. This person functions as a mentor and coach to develop expertise and build skills.

    You meet with your assigned guide at the start (to plan the engagement), at least once a week during delivery, and at the end (to review and the lessons learned).


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"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." — Groucho Marx

In the old days, a resume used to be enough. NOT TRUE TODAY. 

Now employers wonder why you have a resume but don't have a profile

With over 560 million members, Linkedin is one of the most important professional networks in the world.  According to a recent study, over 90% of the recruiters and HR professionals use it as a major tool for sourcing talent. 

This Course:

Helps Employers Find You. As one sharp VP in Human Resources said, "We need to reach candidates earlier, before they're being pursued by competitors." 

Helps You Find Good Employers. Linkedin allows you a way to see into the darkness to access the jobs not get advertised.

Shows Your How to Expand Your Social Capital. After all, it helps to build a large network of hiring managers and HR recruiters.

Module 1: How HR Recruiters Use Linkedin (and how to Get on Their Dashboard)

We start with understanding who someone who can hire you thinks — and how they will use Linkedin to find you.

Image by: dodgers

Module 2: The Tricks To Creating a Top of the Line, Searchable Profile


Getting found involves the smart use of your profile. You must write it to be found and, get them interested enough to find you. 

Module 3: Building A High Value Network 

Image by: Martin Grandjean

Linkedin acts as like a magnet—it attracts recruiters and employers to you — IF you construct your network properly.

Module 4: The Essentials of Search For That Dream Internship or JobImage by: LuxMaxArt             

    Some really important things aren't taught in classrooms — like how to search for a job on Linkedin. Find out how. 

    Articles of Interest

    Hot Jobs. What Job Categories Are Rapidly Growing

    Profile or Resume? Which is More Important.

    Do Employers Care about Grades? What Straight A Students Get Wrong

    But like many complex tools, it one must put in the time and effort to master it. What you get back from it, depends on what you put into it.

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