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Digital Marketing Essentials (Concentration: Digital Marketing—University Format)

  • 17-May-2021
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This is the overview full class the set the stage for for using the Internet as a means for generating revenues directly (as in business to consumer) or qualified leads (as in business to business). It overviews all the major tools and techniques, classic and evolving. 

The assumption is that one is acting as a Great Founder who wishes to start a business part-time. It goes not cover the techniques used by large organizations to which lots of money to spend. More it assumes that you might be someone who wants to do gig work or grow a business through means other than by throwing large trounces of money on it.

It will present the major techniques you need to develop to raise seed capital to crowdfund a business. For example, a major focus will be projects that apply grow a personal or corporate brand. And what it takes to build a large network. 

It will give you the essentials of understanding the practical side of growing a business.

Modules in this program include:

1. Choosing Your Personal Brand

Flame Tree Publishing 2014 logo, Image by: Nick Wells of Flame Tree Publishing Ltd

Everything first starts with a decision. Everything flows from the decision. You have to first understand before you can do. And that means to understand what it means by taking a session from the corporation playbook and dig into branding. 

You can have a :

  • Personal brand,
  • Corporate one, 
  • Social one,

and for the entrepreneurially inclined, you can do two. 

But you have to start with one before developing the other This module is designed to clarify your understanding of a brand, one  that has an associated business model. One that can potentially lead you to financial freedom and defining a life that really matters. 

Module 2: Enhancing Your Personal Brand: Spreading Your Message Far and Wide


Image by: The Opte Project 

"We live in a world where the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred," said Rob Begg, CMO of relationship analytics platform Introhive. "We're connected to colleagues on Facebook. We have clients following us on Instagram and peers adding us to LinkedIn." Social Media Branding: Do's and Don'ts For Entrepreneurs

Module 3.  Standout From the Pack with POSITIONING & DIFFERENTIATION

Manjuvajramandala with 43 deities, from Tibet. Tempera on cotton.

Together, positioning and differentiation form a critical set of foundation concepts site owners ignore at their own peril. One without the other means one risks having a marketing program that will not work.

Positioning in effect determines the nature of the customer base and is a critical decision in the early days. Prior to the Internet, positioning was considered to be a matter of segmentation, i.e determining ones geographic, demographic and psychographic variables. These are still important; however, search has created it's own set of variables and rules regarding key words.

Module 4: Must Know Essentials About the Crowdfunding Industry

Image by lumaxart

In the old days, anyone needing money had to beg, pleading to a banker or an investor to please give them money. Most of the time the answer was no. But today, there is another way. If you have an idea for a service or a prototype of a product that needs further develop you can have your backers (future customers) cover the costs. Not only are you getting income, but you are building followers, people who are committed and believe in your success. 

Module 5: The Marketing Tools Most Useful In Successful Crowdfunding

Image by: Bizking2u

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." — Unknown Source

Let's be clear, you must be clear on what internet marketing and social media tools you are going to use. It's best to have these tools well in place before you start you campaign. You can't walk down a long road without shoes. One should expect to build an email list during the campaign, it's best to do it months prior. And just because you have thousands in the list, don't expect that many of them to ding their credit card for you if they haven't bought anything before. This module presents a set of options that you have to go think through to have a fast start when the campaign begins. 

Module 6: The Social Media Landscape

Social media icons collection Image by: Ibrahim.ID

It's often been said that before you start a journey, you need to have a map or you are forever lost. The social media landscape keeps changing. What worked five years ago is unlikely to work as well today. 

And yet, there are certain landmarks that do not change, that are timeless. Email will always factor into your messaging. A website is of strategic importance. 

This module focuses on the big picture, a strategic roadmap that will will have more details filled in as we go through the class. 

Module 7. Copywriting: How To Write Powerful Content

Rembrandt (1606–1669)

The story goes, "Content is king." And even in email, good content still rules. In this module, you will learn the copyrighting technique to make content interesting and motivational. To do so, you have to understand the nature of who to write. For example, if you write like a professor wants you to, you will fail.

You will learn about to major forms of email marketing. The first is the promotional email. This is normally a stand alone that goes out to promote a particular offer or announce an event. For example, a monthly meeting of an association has this structure if the organization changes topics or has a featured speaker. The other form is the email based newsletter.

Module 8: Curating Content

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.— George S. Patton

Those who succeed in their branding efforts understand that you have to set-up a process—a process that runs week by week and with time keeps getting better and better. But you don't have to be a Six Sigma Black Belt, but one must insure that the key process steps are in-place.

Module 9:  Email Marketing Campaigns: The Rules of the Game 

Image by: Phillip Grondin

Every game has its rules, and email marketing has a set of rules one must learn to do it well. Of course, one can just buy a list and sent out 50,000 and hope for the best. However, a wiser person (or a person with not a lot of money) will tend to figure out out to make best use of limited resources, which in most cases include both time and money. 

Module 10: Why You Should Use Videos

Image: D-Kuru, Fractal forms on the cover side of a microwaved DVD

There has been a shift in marketing. In the old days, everything was text. They images and text were combined. Now, we are seeing away from both to using video. And not the high cost video we see in television, but low cost messaging within the incomes of everyone who has recent smart-phone. 

This model focuses on marketing applications were smart use of streaming video can enhance the brand, capture leads, improve the probability of conversion and close the sale. 

Module 11: Digital Advertising: A Way of Reaching Millions in Minutes

Source: Unsplash

The large ad networks such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and even Amazon are a marketers dream and a privacy nightmare. More than many other social channels, the business model is built on knowing a great deal about users — such that it can be an efficient and effective ad spend for marketers.

In the early days, one could still build organic traffic (such as Google allows for); but this is not that easy anymore. Discover both the benefits and the disadvantages and common tricks for using this form of promotion.

About the Instructor and Course Designer

Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. Secondly, besides having one foot in the real world, he has the other one in the world of education, serving as an adjunct professor at top universities such as UCLA. 

On the academic side, he has a: B.S. in Pharmacy and a MBA both from the University of Iowa. And a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University. 

Questions? Feel free to Mr. Johannsen by:

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This is just like taking a regular on-line class at a university. The focus in on expertise, knowing and understanding. 

Sign-up and then wait for more information. If a particular class doesn’t have enough members to be run, you can ask for your money back or choose another type of delivery option on this page. Start with others in the class.

If a particular class doesn’t have enough members to be run, you get your money back or choose another type of delivery option on this page. This class runs on a cycle of one-module a week; which includes exercises and  application assignments.

An On-Line Class

About The Program Designer

Murray Johannsen is founder and President of Legacee and The Legacee Academy where he heads-up the focus on high demand skill-sets not taught well (or at all) by most b-schools. These include the major competencies of: the skill of building skills, digital marketing, and transformational leadership. Murray also keeps one foot in the academia by serving as an adjunct professor at UCLA and other universities. Finally, he continues to research and publish on major developments in the future of work and 21st Century skills. He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

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