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Succeeding at Influencer Marketing (Short Course)

  • 28-Aug-2017
  • A 4-Week On-Line Self-Paced Short Course (Concentration: Digital Marketing: Track I Ends Jan 18)


  • You will be assigned an experienced instructor who will give you the practice needed to have the confidence to handle interviews. We will do this both through Skype and over the phone.
    The first week is theory, the second, third and forth is practice.
  • Actually, it's not free but we design learning to your requirements. Typically, we start with Skills Mapping — a powerful method for defining your vision, roles and the knowledge and skills needed to step into a better future. For more information see: or
    contact us at

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Portrait of Benjamin Franklin
Every age has those who exercise influence. And today, it has never been easier to put together a following. In the old days, this was hard. Today, with social media channels it has gotten easier. And given the large size of the audience on the Internet, one can develop a following with just about any type of message. 

This forms the basis for a business model if you are so inclined. The reason is that brands wish to buy in to your network and have you promote their interests. Perhaps for shoes, perhaps for something more tangible.

This is a self-paced class with an optional coach. 

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