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Why It Pays To Be An Influencer (Concentration: Influencer Marketing)

  • 24-Feb-2020
  • A Full Online Class With The Option of for Customization and Coaching


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Portrait of Benjamin Franklin. American writer, publisher, entrepreneur, scientist, diplomat, AND revolutionary. The only person who signed the three documents that ended the Revolutionary War and created the United States. 

Every age has those who exercise influence.

Today, it has never been easier to put together a following. In the old days, this was hard. And given the large size of the audience on the Internet and the use of social media, you can develop a following.

And if you have the right kind of network, brands could would likely approach you to buy-in to the network. The time to get in the game is now. Brands know their traditional media does NOT resonate with the Gen Z and Millennials. 

Modules in This Full Class Consist of:

1. What it Takes To Create a Stand out PERSONAL, Corporate or Organizational BRAND

2. Standout From The Pack: Refining your Message: POSITIONING & DIFFERENTIATION

3. COPYRIGHTING: How to Really Write Powerful Content That Persuades and Sells

4. Smart CURATING: Generating Quality Content The Easy Way 

5. Show Me the Money: Influencer BUSINESS MODELS

6. Creating a Knock Your Socks Off LINKEDIN PROFILE

One doesn't have to be a pretty face to have a good personal brand, but you do need a message. 

An On-Line Class

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  • Why It Pays To Be An Influencer (Concentration: Influencer Marketing)

About Your Instructor

He Plays These Roles on the Stage of Business: 

  • Founder and Business Owner
  • Professor (Live and Online)
  • Corporate Trainer (Live and Online)
  • ExecutiveCoach
  • Career Coach for Students

Murray Johannsen is founder and President of Legacee and The Legacee Academy where he heads-up the focus on high demand skill-sets not taught well (or at all) by most b-schools. 

These include the major competencies of: skill mastery, digital marketing, and transformational leadership. 

Murray also keeps one foot in the academia by serving as an adjunct professor at UCLA and other universities. 

Finally, he continues to write and publish on major developments in the future of work and 21st Century skills. 

He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

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