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VIDEO PUSH: Using Videos To Create Brand, Capture Leads and Generate Revenue (Concentration: Digital Marketing)

  • 08-Jul-2019
  • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Digital Marketing)


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Image by: Parceiromaste

Today, you can't do digital marketing without the use of video. Not only does it enhance the brand and increase conversion, but video makes or breaks crowdfunding campaign. It's the text and the images that get people interested but it is the video that closes the sale. Studies have shown that a good video increases the likelihood of making a sale.

It's much more powerful medium than just using text or images when building a personal brand. Honestly, hardly no one remembers the article you write but they will remember that video.

Your will learn about:

Module 1: Why Use Video? Understanding It's Business Case

Module 2. The Top Platforms — What Each Does Well

Module 3. Must Use Optimization Techniques

Module 4: Setting-Up a YouTube Channel

Module 5: Expanding the Fan Base: Strategy and Tactics That Work

Module 6. Setting Planning and Executing a Campaign

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  • VIDEO PUSH: Using Videos To Create Brand, Capture Leads and Generate Revenue (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
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