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Use What's Free: How To Use Publicity to Access The Media

  • 21-Aug-2017
  • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor (Digital Marketing Concentration: Track I)


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The Conversation Prism 2.0. Image by Brian Solis and JESS3

If you know how to use publicity, you will easily make your numbers. After all, getting your message out to millions through traditional media will rocket your numbers up. You don't have to change your message, if you have designed it to be newsworthy.

In a world where big media is controlled by big business, publicity offers a low-cost method of reaching a mass audience. Many a small business has used it successfully to grow rapidly. The Internet has generated new types of word of mouth–one based on email; and increasingly, on video. This is a course which is about using the Internet as part of a program for publicity.

You will Learn About:

• Understanding The Nature of Publicity

• Setting a Solid Foundation: Making Your Writing Newsworthy

• Publicity Strategy: Putting Together a Plan

• Publicity Tactic 1: Writing Engaging Pitch Letters

• Publicity Tactic 2: Writing and Distributing Publicity Releases

• Publicity Tactic 3: Constructing a Media List

• Publicity Tactic 4: Writing and Distributing Articles

• Publicity Tactic 5: Developing a Media Friendly "Press Room”

• The Future of Web Publicity    
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