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Crafting Your Vision: The First Step Toward Constructing a Better Future (Short Course)

  • 19-Mar-2018
  • A 4-Week On-line Short Course (Concentration: Skill Mapping)


  • Open any time. Take your time — you have 30-days.

    Don't waste time with tests & grades — Learn because you want to.

    Find relevant theory, application assignments and exercises — what you can use in the real world.

    BONUS: Apply your short course to any Full Class in the SELF-MASTERY Concentration.

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  • Track 1 is theory you can apply. Tract 2 is the guidance, support and feedback needed for effective practice to get to skill mastery.

    You receive individual coaching and mentoring with a Master Instructor for advice, support, and feedback.

    Focus on a skill for 30-days. Start any time. See also the article & video about The Dual Track
  • Actually, it's not free but we design to your requirements. Typically, we start with Competency Modeling — a powerful method for defining your vision, roles and the knowledge and skills needed to make it happen.
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The Self-Mastery Concentration
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Melpomene (Tragedy) by Edward Simmons.

"The door of opportunity frequently opens for those best prepared to walk through it." — Murray Johannsen

Success is more than just living in the present. Some people have dreams, but few have vision. Some simple live in the present, but others use the present to prepare for the future.

For example, birds live in the moment, but squirrels use the moment to prepare for the future. Birds exists day-to-day, squirrels store food in the summer for winter. And so it is with people.

This module covers essential elements needed to stimulate foresight and construct a vision.


Create Vision — Activate Imagination

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop the information sources for a robust program of environmental scanning.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of foresight
  • Practice developing a vision for your future.

John William Waterhouse (1849–1917): The Crystal Ball. But honestly, we don't need a crystal ball if we know how to use our imagination.

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