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Map Your Future Roles (Concentration: Skill Mastery)

  • 10-Jan-2022
  • 07-Feb-2022
  • Two Learning Options: An Online Self-Paced Course (For Expertise) OR as Dual Track Coaching (For Skills)


  • • You have 30-days. Don't waste your time studying for tests and writing scholarly research papers and a grade employers won't even ask about.

    • Learn what's important to you. it's about relevancy and application to what you want to do in the future.

    • You have a two-week, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

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  • Want the Personal Touch? Want an expert to answer your questions? Need a learning program customized to you? Learn and practice to under the guidance of a Master Instructor who functions as a mentor and coach. Meet at the start (to plan), once a week during delivery, and at the end (for lessons learned) — all in 30-days.
  • We customize for organizations. The first three options are for individuals. This option refers to a group. If you have a group that could benefit from the class or a module of the class, contact us by filling out a contact form or email us at:

• COACHING programs can be offered on a subscription or installment basis.

Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.” — Marcus Aurelius

Many are the doors of opportunity open to you. But you must imagine yourself stepping through those doors in the future." — M. Johannsen

Choose Your Roles. You best map out the roles we want to play on the stage of work. For we can be a star, but only if we see it first in your imagination. 

Future Proof Your Career. Some simply live in the present; but others — they use the present to construct a better future. For example, birds exist day-to-day, but squirrels. They store food in the summer for winter.

This Course Has You:

Construct Four Future Roles. A core part of skill mapping is to define the key skill-sets required to play a particular role. But first, you have to define your social roles. Three of them are future oriented, one is related to what you are currently doing.

Identify Major Trends In Your Future. Futurists have done our work for us. Don't be blind-sided by the forces that will create or destroy careers.

Exercise Your Imagination. Learn and practice a couple of guided visualization techniques.

Remember, all great accomplishments start in our minds eye.

Choose a Method of Learning

a. Self-Paced Learning. Enhance your expertise. Take your time — you have 30-days.

b. Short Course Coaching. Want personalized feedback or support? Get instruction from someone skilled at both teaching and coaching. It’s a practical alternative to courses offered at universities —plus you receive a badge and a certificate upon successful completion. Get the theory down the first week practice, focus on skill building the next three. 

Money Back Guarantee.You can ask for a refund any time during the first two-weeks of  these 30-day programs.

An On-Line Class

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