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Building an Essential Application Skill (Concentration: Skill-Based Learning)

  • 08-Oct-2018
  • A 6-Module Online Program. A 6-module Online Program. Offered as SELF-PACED Learning For 6-Weeks (Level I Learning: Expertise Develop) OR As a SHORT COURSE Over 12-Weeks (Level II Learning: Skill Building)


  • Here is some timeless advise worth remembering. It goes, "The best way to learn something, it to teach it. and the best way for someone to learn, is to be coached."

    This option is for those who wish to teach it to someone you know (a family member, a child, a grandchild for example.)

    You go through the program in 60 days. guide someone you know through it the next 60 days. Then using the same on-line materials you did, teach the skill if you want to.

    They become a better person, you become better too.
  • These are not priced because since the program is designed specifically for individuals for organizations. Contact us at:
    for more information.

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A Program in Learn and Master a Skill


This full class is oriented toward applying the skill development model and the mastery practices in focused on developing an application skill of your choice.

Throughout the program, individual skill builders have been applying what they know. Theory has ben sanity checked to know that it works, skillful practice has been applied to make sure that one understands the this one needs to employ to get better and better. There will be both the joy of victory and the agony of defeat. Quite satisfaction at making something happen and bone-grinding frustration when it didn’t. Mastery practices have to be mastered and processes have to be perfected.

In this case, one will take an application skills and really work hard at putting what you know to the test of the real world. Choice of an application skill is up to you. For example, you could choose one of the 12 verbal communication skills that underlie great leadership. Communication is a fertile ground to plants seeds of perfection since these skill-sets are so important and they tend to be neglected.

Key Steps in the Process

  1. Define the Theory Set. Choice of good theory is a really important step. Bad theory results in skills not learned.
  2. Come Up With a Practice Plan. A skill must be perfected in a particular context.
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice Skilled Practice. This is really a cycle. One A cycle that one needs to keep improving.
  4. Lessons Learned. At the end of practice, one needs to step back and take an entire look at the what occurred. What went well and what can be improved.
  5. Next Project. Personal improvement never stops. Should never stop. It needs to be a habit.

    Role of the Instructor

    The instructor will mostly function as a coach rather than as someone who shovels more information at you. 

    Image By: SD Dirk

    Image By: SD Dirk

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