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Face To Face: Enhance Your Interpersonal Communication Skills (Short Course)

  • 04-Jun-2018
  • A Four-Week Short Course (Concentration: Verbal Communication)


  • Leadership starts with the ability to exercise influence during moments of truth. And that means that you have to learn how to have the interpersonal communications skills that allow you to exercise influence.
  • The Short Course format is self-paced, you have access to content and the materials for a month. However, not everything worth knowing is written down and taking the option allows you to benefit from experience and get questions answered.

You will receive a confirmation email that has more details. If you choose the coaching option, your instructor will be getting ahold of you individually.

Module Description

One never gets too good at the art of communication. Studies show that over 70% of our time is spent in some type of communication activity. It boils down to a simple rule: if you can’t communicate, you cannot get results. Enhancing the ability to communicate starts with understanding each of the components of the communication process. It means looking at the many sources of misunderstanding that can exist between you and another and taking appropriate action.

Topics Covered

• Communication In The Real World

• Communication Models

• Sender/Receiver Model

• One and Two-Way Communication

• The Full-Duplex Method 

Learning Objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

Know a commonly used model of interpersonal communication.

Understand that there are many barriers to understanding even in a conversation with two.

Identify the communication processes necessary for functioning in a full-duplex mode.

Skill Development

Detect one and two-way communication patterns in a normal conversation.

Be able to detect major states of mind such as confusion and understanding.

Practice using techniques that turn confusion into understanding.

"How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but by how well we are understood." Andrew Grove, CEO, Intel Corp., One-on-One With Andy Grove, (G. P. Putnam's and Sons, 1987)

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