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The Legacee Academy

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"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second best time is today." -- Chinese Proverb

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Remember, You Can Never Get Too Skilled

You have a Money Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

Despite it's importance, few organizations invest meaningful time and money growing their leaders. It's what Ben Franklin called, "Being penny wise and pound foolish." 

If your organization is not putting the money into you, you must invest in the most most valuable asset in the world -- yourself.  It's more important than any material wealth.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” -- Charles Darwin

Level 1: Join To Build Expertise in Skill Mapping on the Bronze Plan: For a subscription of 3 months for $27 USD

This is designed for those who wish to stay on top of things but don’t want to formally get into a learning program. Search engines leave much to be desired when it comes to quality finding high quality articles and videos. We pan through the dirt to find the gold every week so you don’t have to.

Level II: For $145 every three months, SELF-DIRECTORED SKILL BUILDING on the Silver Plan

This is SELF-PACED LEARNING FOR INDIVIDUALS who prefer the independence of learning on their own. The goal is to develop expertise based on knowledge and understanding, for before you can do, you must first know. The emphasis is on practical theory – skill-based theory that you can apply.

Level II: For $695.00 a month, GUIDED SKILL BUILDing on the Gold Plan

At this level, you build skills and get feedback from our instructors on what is going well and what could be done better. Each module has exercises and application assignments -- we allow time for practice in different contexts. The goal is to master each skill-set you wish to learn. There is also much more flexibility since you will complete a comprehensive competency modeling exercise.

Level II: For $2445.00, CUSTOMIZED SKILL BUILDING on the Platinum Plan

Gain the freedom of having your own coach; someone who puts together, supports and provides feedback on your customized own program of learning. This level of learning customizes learning to you–allowing you to change undesired behavior (fix existing problems) or enhance desired one. Depending on the issues or goals chosen, it requires commitments of: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Level III: Mastery Instructor Learning 

"The best way to learn something is to is to teach it." — Murray Johannsen

Once you have mastered a given competency, we encourage you to try your hand at teaching and coaching by being a Master Instructor. Since you are an expert, and you are an adept, why not develop the ability to use your knowledge and the resources available in this organization to mentor, coach, teach and guide others. 

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Sorø Akademi (The stone hallway at Sorø Academy) an oil painting by Christian Dalgaard

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