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Learning should never stop, no matter where we are and what we are doing.

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    • 20-Aug-2018
    • A 4-Week Skill-Building On-Line Short Course in the Verbal Communication Concentration
    • 10

    Average speakers use a presentation to inform. Great leaders use the platform to persuade, motivate and to inspire. They know techniques one has to learn and practice to wow the audience. 

    Cleaver speakers know they must capture the audience’s interest in the first one to two minutes. They must make a positive impression based on nonverbal communication and subtle characteristics of the voice.

    And they sweat over how to make a strong conclusion. They know how to embed use facts, statistics, stories and anecdotes, they are skills at framing questions questions, etc. Other important variables deal with the use of support material such as facts, statistics, stories and anecdotes, the ability to ask and answer questions, etc.

    When the best visuals are combined without a dynamic, credible speaker, there a magic in words. Be ready to learn how to cast a few spells.

    Discover proven tactics to increase persuasiveness and the wow factor.

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