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The Structure of Full Classes

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” -- Charles Darwin

These typically consist of six modules, normally taken in a six-week cycle or twelve-week cycle depending on how learning is applied.  For example, skill-based learning takes a little but longer since we must allow time for practice.

The General Structure of a Module in a Full Class. 

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Past Full Classes

10-Dec-2018 Meditation: Learn It, Practice It, Experience It (Concentration: The Mastery Practices)
10-Dec-2018 The Psychology of Leadership (Concentration: Leadership Foundations)
08-Oct-2018 Building an Essential Application Skill (Concentration: Skill-Based Learning)
17-Sep-2018 Skill-Based Expertise: What You Must Know to Build Skills Faster (Concentration: Skill-Based Learning)
17-Sep-2018 Skilled Practice: How To Boost Performance (Concentration: Skill-Based Learning)
09-Jul-2018 Digital Marketing Essentials (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
02-Jul-2018 Linkedin at Work: How to Find the Full-Time or Part-Time Work You Want (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
04-Jun-2018 Creating a Sustainable Business Model With a PERSONAL BRAND (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
02-Apr-2018 Using Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic and Leads (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
19-Feb-2018 Running Effective Email Marketing Campaigns (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
01-Jan-2018 Best Practices in Conversion Using Ads and Landing Pages (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
11-Sep-2017 The Psychology of Mindfulness (Concentration: The Mastery Practices)
02-Sep-2017 Creating and Implementing Your Master Plan (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
27-Aug-2017 Managing Performance Problems (Concentration: Motivation at Work)
21-Aug-2017 Use What's Free: How To Use Publicity to Access The Media (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
17-Jul-2017 VIDEO PUSH: Using Videos To Create Brand, Capture Leads and Generate Revenue (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
10-Jul-2017 LEAD THE PACK: How To Build Teams and Facilitate Meetings (Concentration: Leadership Foundations)
01-Jan-2017 Search Engine Optimization: How To Get Free Website Traffic (Concentration: Digital Marketing)
14-Sep-2016 INFLUENCE AT WORK: How to Enhance Your Personal Power (Concentration: Leadership Foundations)
05-Sep-2016 The Transformational Leadership Bootcamp
09-Mar-2016 An Essential Guide to Doing Business With The Chinese (Elective)

Public Classes For the Next 3 Months

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