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To Develop a STrategy for the future

Designed For the Busy Professional

• Two-Week Learning Cycle. First Week get the theory down. Second week apply what you know.

Customized Application

•  On-Line Content 24/7 with Mentoring Coaching

Choose The Personal or Social Option

Apply it to yourself or your business. Or take it together with a friend, co-worker or family member and mentor them. The best way to learn it is to teach it.

"Career paradigms are rapidly shifting — work roles are being disrupted — you can't assume what worked in the 20th Century will work in the 21st." — Murray Johannsen

Skill mapping provides a process and a map — a way to figure out what to do now and in future. 

For we all want to get to the top, to create a better life for us, our children and our grandchildren. Not doing this means we are lost, likely to "die on the mountain."  

Today, you just can't rely on a university degree or corporate training programs to drive career success. Can you imagine how it would feel to realize you have wasted years on the wrong path? 

Each of us, entrepreneur, executive, student need a robust strategy we can execute on each month. You cannot assume what worked last century will work in this one.    

Skill mapping gives you the confidence — the power to know where you are going and how you can get there. It provides a path to follow and and the skills to build.  

So get ready to imagine your vision for yourself — your career, your business, and your life – yours, not the bosses, not the corporations, not the government, not your parents. Yours. 

“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.” — Kenichi Ohmae

Choose The Personal and Social Option

• Apply it to yourself or your business. Or take it together with a friend, c-worker or family member and mentor them. The best way to learn it is to teach it.

Choose A Learning Approach
                               Right  For  You

    • 27-Jun-2022
    • 25-Jul-2022
    • Two Learning Options: An Online Self-Paced Course (For Expertise) OR as Dual Track Coaching (For Skills)

    Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.” — Marcus Aurelius

    Many are the doors of opportunity open to you. But you must imagine yourself stepping through those doors in the future." — M. Johannsen

    Choose Your Roles. You best map out the roles we want to play on the stage of work. For we can be a star, but only if we see it first in your imagination. 

    Future Proof Your Career. Some simply live in the present; but others — they use the present to construct a better future. For example, birds exist day-to-day, but squirrels. They store food in the summer for winter.

    This Course Has You:

    Construct Four Future Roles. A core part of skill mapping is to define the key skill-sets required to play a particular role. But first, you have to define your social roles. Three of them are future oriented, one is related to what you are currently doing.

    Identify Major Trends In Your Future. Futurists have done our work for us. Don't be blind-sided by the forces that will create or destroy careers.

    Exercise Your Imagination. Learn and practice a couple of guided visualization techniques.

    Remember, all great accomplishments start in our minds eye.

    Choose a Method of Learning

    a. Self-Paced Learning. Enhance your expertise. Take your time — you have 30-days.

    b. Short Course Coaching. Want personalized feedback or support? Get instruction from someone skilled at both teaching and coaching. It’s a practical alternative to courses offered at universities —plus you receive a badge and a certificate upon successful completion. Get the theory down the first week practice, focus on skill building the next three. 

    Money Back Guarantee.You can ask for a refund any time during the first two-weeks of  these 30-day programs.

Our Four Phase Delivery Process

Need Analysis


a. Choose a role or map your skills on the stage of business (Optional but highly recommended)

b. For Expertise, choose your ConcentrationFull Class, or self-paced module.

c. For Skills, decide on either Dual Track Coachingor Impact Coaching. Contact us to coordinate on module(s).


This part of the process is easy. It's like buying any product by credit card for the first time. 


1. Choose a public program on this site OR contact us for customized training. 

2. Register and pay for the course of learning.

3. Fill Out Your Profile.

4. Stay on top of the orientation emails you will receive. 


Taking on orientation program is optional, but highly recommended. We run three orientations:

1. Orient Yourself to Moodle. Never taken on online class? We got you covered.

2. Enhance Expertise. For the full classes, we focus on improving reading comprehension, focusing attention, and how to reduce the forgetting curve.

3. Upgrade Skills. Few know how to practice. Fewer still know the mental practices that accelerate skill development.


Engage in one or more of our four, six, twelve or sixteen- week courses. 

Proof of learning does not involve grades (unless needed for employer reimbursement). As evidence of successful completion you receive a certificate (for expertise) and badges (for coaching). 

Develop artifacts elated to the work you do in a course. This can be shared on sites like Linkedin as part of your profile.  

Finally, reflect on experience to develop lessons learned. 

Strive For Mastery

Mastery Level 1: Developing Expertise

Mastery Level 2: Developing Skills

Bring Learning Inside Your Organization


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1-805- 409-0180.

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Make an appointment

In self-paced courses, you completely access all materials at course start. 

You do assignments and exercises at your own pace within a 30-day window. Assignments and exercises are not graded.

The Full Class format assumes an instructor led class with students. You receive feedback on your work and interact with others. Each module is open for two-weeks — one week to read, one week to apply.

Dual Track Coaching is mentoring and coaching with you in mind. You are expected to read the articles, view the videos and recall what’s important. And you are expected to apply and practice what you learn. Plus you interact with your Master Instructor weekly for the 30-days the course is open. 

About The Program Designer

I hope rather than just giving you a dull bio, that you don't mind my sharing a bit of philosophy. 

Honestly, I do enjoy the teaching. But the way it's normally done is pretty boring. What makes these programs exciting and worthwhile is coaching and mentoring in the level II learning programs.

In our weekly conferences, it's a joy to hear about how you plan on applying the theory, feel good about the joy of your success and feel sad at the failures (this is applied learning after all).

There are no grades but there is feedback.  If you have questions, feel free to Connect on Linkedin 

Murray Johannsen 

About Legacee

We focus on growing the timeless skills universities typically don't teach or don't do well; but that corporations and government covet. These include the skill-sets needed to: lead, master skills and excel at digital marketing. 

Instructor Bio

Besides running the Legacee suite of learning programs, he teaches as an adjunct professor and management instructor at UCLA and other universities. Murray has a B.S. in Pharmacy, an MBA from the University of Iowa; and a M. A. in Psychology from Harvard University. 

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