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The Legacee Academy

Work Skills For Individuals & Organizations

Self-Paced Training

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What This Format Includes

All of our self-paced learning and coaching programs include:

  • Audio and video recordings in-depth readings and articles from reputable sources on the Internet.
  • Want to practice? We have sample exercises and assignments in a wide variety of learning formats.
  • Plus, we'll send out at least one email a week. Serious stuff and fun stuff too.
This is ideal for those who value independence and control. 

    Structure of Our Learning Modules

    • All Sections
    All sections have graphics to make them visually pleasing. Most of these are great paintings from some of the grand masters. Many contain quotes.
    • Section I: Objectives
    This sets the scope for the module. 

    Description. Most modules have a description, a set of objectives (both Level I and Level II) and readings from a text.

    Learning Outcomes. There are two types. One is expertise or level I learning. The section are the skill one can develop. 

    • Section II: Contents
    Standard content items include:
    The Lecture. Normally, and, of course, videos. L

    ecture materials from experts in the field or video content created by academy instructors. Of course, we TED or carefully vetted videos from 

    Podcasts. We can also hear some of the greatest experts in the world appear on audio, many of which are published authors. 

    Readings. These are more than than the first three articles on a Google search, they are carefully chosen to  
    • Section III: Exercises and Application 
    What separates a course from a book are the exercises and application assignments. Exercises are usually posts worth sharing. Both are important for they form the basis for skill building.
    • Section IV: For More Information
    More articles, videos and resources designed to add to your expertise. 

    We also add fun material and content that is just plan interesting.  

    Developing Expertise

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