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The Legacee Academy

Work Skills For Individuals & Organizations


To Be Great

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them." William Shakespeare

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What Makes These Programs Different

1. Map Your Skills. The path to success has been compared to climbing a mountain. You know you need to climb, you first need a map.

 Programs To Help You Push The Envelope

2. Act More Resilient. Doing anything exceptional is difficult. Understand how others overcame great difficulties and heart rendering challenges.

3. Be a Hero: Heroes are alive today. Discover what one can learn from the heroes of yore relevant to remarkable accomplishments.

4. Discover Transformational Leadership. . Find out how to evolve into a catalyst for transformation.

5. Vice to Virtues. Work on a virtue to make you special. 

6. Up Your Game: Learn From the Past — Imagine the Future. Practice how to use both vision take into reality and reflection to learn from the experience. 

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If you want to learn theory, go to a university. If you want to apply, attend this academy.


You cannot find this program at a typical university.

There are no grades, tests or research papers.

You have three levels of learning: expertise, mastery or master instructor.

That means the focus is on real world application what works in the 21st Century.

These practical programs useful in the real world. 

Fifth, we focus on hot skills for the 21st Century Century

Choose A  Program  Right  For  You

Our Four Phase Delivery Process

Assess Your Needs


a. Choose a role or map your skills on the stage of business (Optional but highly recommended)

b. For Expertise, choose your ConcentrationFull Class, or self-paced module.

c. For Skills, decide on either Dual Track Coaching or Impact Coaching. Contact us to coordinate on module(s).


This part of the process is easy. It's like buying any product by credit card for the first time. 


1. Choose a public program on this site OR contact us for customized training. 

2. Register and pay for the course of learning.

3. Fill Out Your Profile.

4. Stay on top of the orientation emails you will receive. 


Taking on orientation program is optional, but highly recommended. We run three orientations:

1. Orient Yourself to Moodle. Never taken on online class? We got you covered.

2. Enhance Expertise. For the full classes, we focus on improving reading comprehension, focusing attention, and how to reduce the forgetting curve.

3. Upgrade Skills. Few know how to practice. Fewer still know the mental practices that accelerate skill development.


Engage in one or more of our four, six, twelve or sixteen- week courses. 

Proof of learning does not involve grades (unless needed for employer reimbursement). As evidence of successful completion you receive a certificate (for expertise) and badges (for coaching).

Develop artifacts elated to the work you do in a course. This can be shared on sites like Linkedin as part of your profile.  

Finally, reflect on experience to develop lessons learned. 

Don't forget, you have a money-back guarantee.

Strive For Excellence

Mastery Level 1: Developing Expertise

Bring Learning Inside Your Organization

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