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    • 03-Oct-2022
    • 14-Nov-2022
    • A 6-module Online Full Class.

    This is a classic pattern. One still in use today. It induces a set of leads and prospects to take action to buy. Image by: The Literary Digest

    Let's face it, you won't write standout copy if what was learned by writing scholarly research papers. If you write like a professor — you will fail touch your your readers in a meaningful way. After all, who wants to read something that's both uninteresting and unintelligible?

    You might say this is a partly a "college writing deprogramming" class. One designed up skill your ability to integrated text and images and script short videos to reach out and energize the niche.

    Course Outcomes include:

    • Setting-up a system of curating quality content for you audience.

    The rules of copywriting and storytelling

    • Classic appeals that work — and will always work — because they are timeless.

    • How to design emotional appeals

    • Practice posting and creating emails that use powerful persuasive formulas to get attention, generates interest, create motivation and desire focused on a specific call to action (CTA).

    • The structure of digital ads - Ways to integrate imagery and copy to grab people's attention.

    Module 1. Curating: Finding Content to Share (Without spending alot of time on it)

    One of the downsides of publishing is that you have to regularly "feed the beast." And this is a beast that can take up a lot of time. Therefore, it becomes important to become efficient.

    Those who succeed in their branding efforts understand that you have to set-up a process—a process that runs week by week and with time keeps getting better and better. But you don't have to be a Six Sigma Black Belt, but one must insure that the key process steps are in-place.

    Module 2: Creating Digital Media Ads — That Sell

    Collage of Hungarian ads from the 1920s. Notice, the essential elements of this pattern.

    The major players in the ad space (i.e. Google and Facebook) have taken a great deal of the creativity out the process creating ads. An ad in social media requires much less skill than what one needs to generate a one-page display ad for magazines found on the news stand — thankfully. 

    Anyone of us can create a simple ad and spend money to impress the boss with impressions and click throughs. But to create a good ad? Can can you come up with an ad that induces someone to buy or take action?

    It' partly art, but it's also knowing how to integrate the four elements that define the format. If you really understand these elements, you can generate both leads and revenues.

    Module 3:  Crafting eMails that Get Opened, Get Read and Impact

    One of the biggest complaints business people have about college graduates are, "They just can't write." OK. Sure. Some don't know grammar and others forget to use a spell checker. 

    But when you drill down and get to the heart of the complaint, what you find most employees write boring — just like their professors. This commonly shows up as dull, drab and just plain hard to read emails. 

    Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using just text. The world has moved on and continues to move away from test only messages.

    Module 4: How To Write Create Long Form Articles Blogs 

    Painting by Rembrandt (1606–1669)

    In this module, you will learn the copyrighting techniques that make content both interesting and motivational. To do so, you have to understand the nature of how to write. 

    Good copy shares two characteristics: it gets your interest and motivates you to  do something — such as making that click to a landing page.

    Module 5: Punch Through the Noise with Stories, Myths and Archetypes

    Apple's 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

    In the age of machine learning and technological disruption, it's easy to assume all is new and original. Not so. Some things are timeless —  a pattern that repeats with slight differences each generation.

    In marketing, it's just as important to understand what does change and what doesn't. What will not change is people's deep and abiding love of stories. 

    Stories Work. In fact, they work better than facts and stats when it comes to exerting influence. They have become integrated into the structure of many campaigns. 

    A story that lasts for three or four thousand years resonates is a deep way with every generation. To understand this pattern, we delve into myths and archetypes — something understand by the creators of the 1984 Apple commercial. 

    Module 6: The Structure of Good Scripting For Short Videos on Social Media

    "It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."— Mark Twain

    It doesn't take a great deal of creativity to upload a video of your new puppy. But if you have a higher purpose than feeding the Ego with likes, you will need to understand how to a script a social media video. 

    If you want to make something memorable, embed it in a story. That's why some of the best commercials are have the structure long known to story tellers. 

    Since it's unlikely that few of us will be a creative at an ad agency, we will focus on stories told on social media channels such as YouTube. 

    Now you to can experience the joy of being both the actor, writer, the director and the post production crew of your production.

    • 14-Nov-2022
    • 26-Dec-2022
    • A 6-Module On-Line Full Class (Digital Marketing & Internship Tracks)

    Image by: Parceiromaste

    Today, you can't do digital marketing without the use of video. Not only does it enhance the brand and increase conversion, but video makes or breaks crowdfunding campaign. It's the text and the images that get people interested but it is the video that closes the sale. Studies have shown that a good video increases the likelihood of making a sale.

    It's much more powerful medium than just using text or images when building a personal brand. Honestly, hardly no one remembers the article you write but they will remember that video.

    It contains modules that focus on the topics below. This is an applied course — one learns skills through doing these three applications:

    1. Setting-up your YouTube channel
    2. Designing a process to regularly create videos — great videos
    3. Putting together and distributing a high quality video.

    Module 1. Getting in the Race: Choosing Your Channels and Your Tools

    Image: D-Kuru, Fractal forms on the cover side of a microwaved DVD

    Not too long ago, there was only one video channel that you had to worry about—YouTube. And YouTube continues to maintain its dominance. However, all the other major social channels are piling into the video bandwagon. Even Twitter is trying to add video. 

    From a branding standpoint, the plethora of competing channels creates opportunity to reach the same niche in another way. If they getting your message on YouTube, it might get through on an additional channel. So it could be a way or use content more than once or another way to waste your time.

    Module 2. Producing Your First and Your Second Video

    Image by: Officialkalla

    There has been a shift in marketing. In the old days, everything was text. Then images and text were combined. Now we are seeing futher movement way from text toward using video. And costs have come down. It's not the high cost of video we see in television or movies, but low cost messaging within the income of everyone with a decent smart-phone. That means the video is within the budge of all entrepreneurs who wish to use streaming video to enhance their brand, capture leads, improve the probability of conversion and close the sale.

    Module 3: The Business Case: How You Can Make Money

    Image by: Gaurav Shakya

    With many platforms allow you to build a following, your work, your effort is not reworded. Some platforms even want to own your intellectual property. In fact, you better test the terms of service prior to posting if you don't want to loss control of the fruits of your labor. 

    Also, your entertaining one of Facebook's members is worth $11.86 per user per quarter to Facebook corporate. But you will receive nothing for your time (Eavis, 2016). The same with Snapchat and with Instagram. Seems like a lot of work to satisfy vanity needs. But at least on YouTube, there is the possibility that you can receive income if your channel is successful. If you are really good, you can get into the six-figure range. This offers real possibilities. See also, Eavis, Peter (2016). How You're Making Facebook a Money MachineNew York Times, April 29.

    Module 4. Getting Subscribers and Viewers

    Image: Andrew King.

    According to Statistica, "more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. This equates to approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour." In today's world, you can have the best video, but no one will find you. But don't despair — there are people who want to see your content. But you have to help them out by optimizing video editing, metadata and the copy writing within the channel itself

    Module 5: The Marketing Side of Video — If You Can't Market it: It Won't Be Seen

    Image by: Halicki

    One can always hope with a video that you have the "field of dreams" phenomonen — that if you make it, they will come. Sure, there are some people that have a viral video; just like some people do get struck on a golf course by lightening. But I would not put big money on it. If you want more of a sure thing, you need to engage in a vigorous marketing program. But marketing video is not exactly like marketing another piece of content — you need to approach it differently. In fact, a major reason individuals do video is to market other content.

    Module 6. Course Wrap-up and Lessons Learned

    Mahatma Gandhi at railway station in the early 1940's

    One can always hope with a video that you have the field of dreams phenomonon—that if yo make it, they will come. Sure, people do get struck on a golf course by lightening—but I would put big money on it. If you wan more of a sure thing, you need to engage in a vigorous marketing program.  No campaign is complete without a thorough process of figuring out what went well, which we will continue; and the what didn't work, so we don't do it again. That's not what most people do though. They keep repeating the same mistakes again and again. 

Courses in the Series

Copywriting. Let's face it, scholar English (the writing style for all those research papers) doesn't hack it in the real world. Write scholar and you write boring.

Video Essentials. You don't have to spend 15K on your video — but you best have one. For some, video is the major form of content consumed. Still rarely taught in b-schools. 

Curating. Get ready to feed the beast.  

The Linked Profile. The profile ranks up there as one of the most important pieces of writing you can do. 

Influencer Marketing Concepts. Somethings don't change, some things do. If you never had a marketing class, best understand the core ideas that have stood the test of time and will be with use in the future.

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