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Copywriting. Let's face it, scholar English (the writing style for all those research papers) doesn't hack it in the real world. Write scholar and you write boring.

Video Essentials. You don't have to spend 15K on your video — but you best have one. For some, video is the major form of content consumed. Still rarely taught in b-schools. 

Curating. Get ready to feed the beast.  

The Linked Profile. The profile ranks up there as one of the most important pieces of writing you can do. 

Influencer Marketing Concepts. Somethings don't change, some things do. If you never had a marketing class, best understand the core ideas that have stood the test of time and will be with use in the future.

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Programs Open For Enrollment

    • 25-Oct-2021
    • This is an eight-week on-line class with 3 college credits (MARKET 021-V03 (22251)

    Overview of Principles of Marketing (Market 21)

    In marketing, there are a few must know theories and must know principles that mean the difference between success and failure. This course covers these. They are that important. When used in the right combination, they drastically lower the cost of customer acquisition.

    This is not a course about media in decline: like television, radio, newspapers and magazines. This marketing class covers covers the fast growing digital mediums since it's where the jobs are, the money is, and it's what most businesses lack.

    This online course  also serves as the strong foundation necessary in digital marketing. It's future oriented since it focuses a great deal of attention on applying these enduring concepts in the digital marketing universe. We use one of the most popular learning management systems in the world — Canvas. To engage and apply, the course also includes Zoom labs.

    It presents the timeless principles that one needs to know to discover what doesn’t change in marketing. The core ideas that transcend marketing. There are eight of these.

    Concepts & Principles Covered in This 8-Week Online Marketing Course

    • ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING (Trend spotting & environmental scanning)

    • Business Models. Entrepreneurs need one, establish businesses have one. 

    • Identifying and Overcoming MARKET ENTRY BARRIERS

    • Defining your target MARKET NICHE through SEGMENTATION

    • Defining POSITIONING and BRANDING for Products and Services 

    • The Essentials of Sound PRICING and SALES PROMOTIONS

    • Standing Out From the Crowd Using DIFFERENTIATION

    • The Digital MARKETING MIX: Its about growing media such as the social media channels 

    And secondly, these ideas are meant to be applied. You can apply these to marketing a business or creating a personal brandOf course, it helps to understand marketing if you want to create a side hustle, get gig work, an internship or a full-time job. 

    It's Easy to Enroll

    IF YOU ARE NEW: contact the Welcome Center for In-Person & Online Student Support if you need registration assistance or have questions. 

    IF YOU ARE ALREADY A STUDENT: Register online through the Portal,

    This course is offered through the Los Angeles Community College District. Fees are low — only $46 per unit for California residents and $328 for out of stateIt comes with 3 credit hours and can transfer other universities.

    Course Details

    MARKET 021-V03 (22251); October 25, 2021 to December 19, 2021

    Need help? Contact LAVC Online Student Support.

    Short Bio on Your Instructor: Murray Johannsen

    Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own online training business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. He also recently started a club on Clubhouse called "The Skilled Influencer." It's about how one can build and monetize large networks on social media channels. Finally, you can also connect with him on Linkedin.

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    The LAVC Marketing Course Description (3 Credit Units). This introductory marketing course presents basic information including: the marketing environment and the roles of market research, advertising, public relations, product, place (distribution), promotion and pricing decisions in the marketing process. It covers customer motivation, distribution channels, social marketing, and ethics in marketing. Additional topics are sales forecasting, decision making relative to product development and management, trademarks, domestic and international markets, personal selling, and additional factors.

    • 08-Nov-2021
    • A 6-module Online Full Class.

    This is a classic pattern. One still in use today. It induces a set of leads and prospects to take action to buy. Image by: The Literary Digest

    Let's face it, you won't write standout copy if what was learned by writing scholarly research papers. If you write like a professor — you will fail touch your your readers in a meaningful way. After all, who wants to read something that's both uninteresting and unintelligible?

    You might say this is a partly a "college writing deprogramming" class. One designed up skill your ability to integrated text and images and script short videos to reach out and energize the niche.

    Discover More About:

    • The rules of copywriting and storytelling

    • Classic appeals that work — and will always work — because they are timeless.

    • How to design emotional appeals

    • Holding people's attention, getting their interest, designing motivational calls to action

    • How to use imagery with copy

    Module 1. Curating: Finding Content to Share (Without spending alot of time on it)

    One of the downsides of publishing is that you have to regularly "feed the beast." And this is a beast that can take up a lot of time. Therefore, it becomes important to become efficient.

    Those who succeed in their branding efforts understand that you have to set-up a process—a process that runs week by week and with time keeps getting better and better. But you don't have to be a Six Sigma Black Belt, but one must insure that the key process steps are in-place.

    Module 2: Creating Digital Media Ads — That Sell

    Collage of Hungarian ads from the 1920s. Notice, the essential elements of this pattern.

    The major players in the ad space (i.e. Google and Facebook) have taken a great deal of the creativity out the process creating ads. An ad in social media requires much less skill than what one needs to generate a one-page display ad for magazines found on the news stand — thankfully. 

    Anyone of us can create a simple ad and spend money to impress the boss with impressions and click throughs. But to create a good ad? Can can you come up with an ad that induces someone to buy or take action?

    It' partly art, but it's also knowing how to integrate the four elements that define the format. If you really understand these elements, you can generate both leads and revenues.

    Module 3:  Crafting eMails that are Opened, Get Read and Motivate

    One of the biggest complaints business people have about college graduates are, "They just can't write." OK. Sure. Some don't know grammar and others forget to use a spell checker. 

    But when you drill down and get to the heart of the complaint, what you find most employees write boring — just like their professors. This commonly shows up as dull, drab and just plain hard to read emails. 

    Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using just text. The world has moved on and continues to move away from test only messages.

    Module 4: How To Write Create Long Form Articles and White Papers For Websites and Blogs and Lead Generation

    Painting by Rembrandt (1606–1669)

    In this module, you will learn the copyrighting techniques that make content both interesting and motivational. To do so, you have to understand the nature of how to write. 

    Good copy shares two characteristics: it gets your interest and motivates you to  do something — such as making that click to a landing page.

    Module 5: The Power of Stories, Myths and Archetypes

    Apple's 1984 Super Bowl Commercial

    In the age of machine learning and technological disruption, it's easy to assume all is new and original. Not so. Some things are timeless —  a pattern that repeats with slight differences each generation.

    In marketing, it's just as important to understand what does change and what doesn't. What will not change is people's deep and abiding love of stories. 

    Stories Work. In fact, they work better than facts and stats when it comes to exerting influence. They have become integrated into the structure of many campaigns. 

    A story that lasts for three or four thousand years resonates is a deep way with every generation. To understand this pattern, we delve into myths and archetypes — something understand by the creators of the 1984 Apple commercial. 

    Module 6: Using Story Telling in Marketing: Scripting Short Videos for Social Media

    "It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech."— Mark Twain

    It doesn't take a great deal of creativity to upload a video of your new puppy. But if you have a higher purpose than feeding the Ego with likes, you will need to understand how to a script a social media video. 

    If you want to make something memorable, embed it in a story. That's why some of the best commercials are have the structure long known to story tellers. 

    Since it's unlikely that few of us will be a creative at an ad agency, we will focus on stories told on social media channels such as YouTube. 

    Now you to can experience the joy of being both the actor, writer, the director and the post production crew of your production.

Our Four Phase Delivery Process

Needs Analysis


a. Choose a role or map your skills on the stage of business (Optional but highly recommended)

b. For Expertise, choose your ConcentrationFull Class, or self-paced module.

c. For Skills, decide on either Dual Track Coachingor Impact Coaching. Contact us to coordinate on module(s).


This part of the process is easy. It's like buying any product by credit card for the first time. 


1. Choose a public program on this site OR contact us for customized training. 

2. Register and pay for the course of learning.

3. Fill Out Your Profile.

4. Stay on top of the orientation emails you will receive. 


Taking on orientation program is optional, but highly recommended. We run three orientations:

1. Orient Yourself to Moodle. Never taken on online class? We got you covered.

2. Enhance Expertise. For the full classes, we focus on improving reading comprehension, focusing attention, and how to reduce the forgetting curve.

3. Upgrade Skills. Few know how to practice. Fewer still know the mental practices that accelerate skill development.


Engage in one or more of our four, six, twelve or sixteen- week courses. 

Proof of learning does not involve grades (unless needed for employer reimbursement). As evidence of successful completion you receive a certificate (for expertise) and badges (for coaching). 

Develop artifacts elated to the work you do in a course. This can be shared on sites like Linkedin as part of your profile.  

Finally, reflect on experience to develop lessons learned. 

Strive For Excellence

Mastery Level 1: Developing Expertise

Mastery Level 2: Developing Skills

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The Entrepreneur. It's about developing a strong personal brand and taking steps to monetize what you believe in.

The Entrepreneurially Minded.  It's about developing a strong personal brand and taking steps to monetize what you believe in. The key is monetization.

The Digital Marketing Specialists. Perfect for the working professional who wants to break into business or to upgrade a specific skill-set. 

Anyone Looking for a Job. Today, you can presell yourself by creating a personal brand. 

College Students

 Need An Internship? These are oriented to working on real world campaigns, using our digital media channels, creating copy and video

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