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Improve Verbal Communication Skills


Communication Skills Are AlWAYS  In Demand With Employers

Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers

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    • 16-Oct-2019
    • A 1-module Online Program. Available as a Self-Paced Program (Level I Learning: Expertise) OR a Dual Track 30-day Short Course (Level II Learning: Skills)

    Source: Marcimarc

    Module Description:

    Every time someone speaks in a group setting they are playing a role. These communication roles don’t last long -- from a minimum of a couple of seconds to a maximum of a couple of minutes. Yet these “microroles” greatly impact group effectiveness by determining how well the group handles information. In fact, these verbal patterns determine whether individuals even understand what’s going on.

    Outcomes include:

    • Understanding how to play the role

    • Playing the 10 task roles that insure the job gets done.

    • How to play 6 relationship roles to build bonds between individuals

    • Recognizing and controlling the 10 self-oriented roles that disrupt groups

    • Identifying four personality types that produce dysfunctional behavior.

    This is for managers, supervisor's, and service professionals such as health care professionals, accountants, trainers, and consultants.

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The Short Course Format

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