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    • 17-Aug-2020
    • (UTC-07:00)
    • A 1-Module Online Program. Offered as a Self-Paced Course OR Customized with Coaching (Concentration: Skill Mapping)
    "Many are the doors of opportunity open to you. But you must imagine yourself stepping through that door in the future." — M. Johannsen


    Dream big dreams; only big dreams have the power to move men’s souls.” — Marcus Aurelius

    Success is more than just living in the present. Some people have dreams, but few have vision. Some simply live in the present; but others — they use the present to construct a better future.

    For example, birds exist day-to-day, squirrels store food in the summer for winter. And so it is with people. We best map out the roles we want to play on the stage of work. For we can be a star, but only if we prepare for it.

    You can choose to be a bit player on the stage of work or a superstar. But to be a star, you will want to learn skill mapping

    This module covers essential elements needed to stimulate foresight and construct a personal vision.

    The first-step is not easy for some. Why?  It calls for you to project yourself into the future using your imagination. If you somehow manage to get from K1 to 12 with your imagination intact, surely college will destroy it. 

    The case can be made that formal education causes imagination to atrophy. Think back, in any of your classes at any time in you life, did a teacher ask to close your eyes and use your imagination? Most people cannot come up with one time — not even once in the many years of sitting in a class room. If you somehow manage to get from K1 to 12 with your imagination intact, surely college will destroy it. 

    But what was atrophied can be fleshed out. 

    A core part of this process is to define the key skill-sets required to play a particular role. But before that, one has to define your social roles. Three of them are future oriented, one is related to what you are currently doing.

    Step 2a: Your Current Role

    Step 2b: Your Next Role

    Step 2c: Your Dream Role

    Step 2d: Your After Life Role

    Roles aren't just played in Hollywood and Bollywood. On the stage of work, you can be a bit player or a star. Imagine your future roles — a future you define — not your boss, not your parents, not your university, you.

    • Develop a deeper understanding of foresight
    • Practice developing a vision for your future.
    • Write out your Four Roles

The Short Course Format

Level 2 Learning: Expertise & Skills

Get the theory down the first week and for the next 3 practice your skills — all in a 30-day time frame. You:

a. Choose the module or skill of interest
b. Spend one-week getting the theory down
c. Spend 3 weeks practicing — striving to reach mastery

d. At the end, reflect and perform a lessons learned.

Under this leadership short course option, we give you a battle tested model that provides the structure for skill building.

Unlike universities, we do not require you to money on textbooks. You have a money-back guarantee. 

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