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The Legacee Academy

A Better Future Awaits: Explore Skills Mapping

"One must first understand before one can do." — Murray Johannsen

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Great leadership requires in-depth understanding of people. This includes basic psychological insights. Greater than you find in the b-schools. For requires enough wisdom to understand these two fundamental words of truth -- ones have been around for thousands of years, "Know thyself."

One has to imagine a better future before making it happen. We can create a better future, but without a map, we are forever lost. Life gives us that option. Don't let that happen.

Skill mapping gets you thinking about you, what you need to do for a better life, a better future. It’s designed to be tangible, actionable and practical. If you don't know what you want out of work, it's unlikely you'll get it.

Not mapping skills to your future roles most likely means you won't be ready; if fact, you won't even be considered by upper management for what should have been yours if only you had prepared for it. Doors of opportunity open all the time, this book prepares you to walk through them.

“Our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite.” — Karl Popper, Austrian philosopher



Major Benefits include:

1. Access to the Leadership Development Library

2. Four videos focused on Wisdom and its development (a 14.95 value)

3. Weekly Learning Events — high quality articles and videos on all aspects of leading.

4. A List of great movies on Leadership

5. Two free downloads on Mastery Practices to enhance expertise building

6. A club to join if you should so desire

7. Enhance social capital

Invest in yourself — You are Worth it.

You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

FOR $27.00 every three months 

That's about the price of 2 Starbuck's Grand Latte's a month. Not an unreasonable investment in a better future.


And get a 15 to 25 percent discount on public programs at the bottom of the page by becoming a member.

1. Access The Leadership Development Library 

"Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men." - Lao Tze

Image by Sid Meier

 Get access to over 40 high quality articles in the areas of:
  • Transformational leadership, 
  • Leadership styles, 
  • Leadership skills,
  • The Great Founder paradigm
  • The Quest of Heroes
  • Strategy and execution, etc. 

Examples of the Available Articles:

  • What causes Managerial Derailment (and suggestions on preventing it).
  • Types of Leadership Styles
  • Studies of the most important leadership skills
  • Leadership Definitions, Jokes and Quotes
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Nine Types of Influence You Can Development
  • 19 Different Leadership Styles
  • Elements of Self-Mastery Important in Transformational Leadership
  • Great Speeches by Great Leaders
  • Lists of Famous Transformational Leaders from America, Europe and Asia

 2. The Wisdom Program: A Primer on How Be Wise


 think we would all agree, very few politicians or business types are wise. And yet, for those who wish to lead, it's vital for them to guide followers on a path that is wise. It's thought wisdom can be developed, though it may take many years. 
But what is most disturbing is that in these days of exploding knowledge, so few people think about developing it. I cannot remember during my entire MBA program of any professor who even brought up the word in class. Not once.
So, while you have to know about finance, accounting and marketing, wisdom is irrelevant. And I suspect sciences are not that much different than business.
This consists of a series of four videos that discuss the nature of wisdom, where it may be found and where it is not. 
Video 1: The Development of Wisdom: Overview (11 minutes)
Video 2: Where Wisdom is Not Normally Found (so you won't waste your time) (9 minutes)
Video 3: Three Classic Methods of Learning It (19 minutes)
Video 4: The Mental Processes Associated with It (26 minutes)

 Receive the Wisdom Program a $14.95 value. Yours when you: 

3. Numerous Learning Events

"To do, one must first know." -- M. Johannsen

The more you understand about people, the better leader you will be. And that means you will need to learn about certain areas of management and psychology


 Every WEEK You Will Receive

ARTICLES containing some or all of these contain types:
Humor. We will do our best to share humorous pictures, videos, or jokes worth repeating.

Quotes: We know that you all appreciate quotes that give us that aha moment and a tinge of envy when you think, "I wish I had said that."

Resources: We will highlight every month leadership development resources worth bookmarking. Most of these well be free or low-cost.

Classic and Contemporary Articles. Some of these are articles we create, others come from the web. Together, the give you a rich source of new learning materials that you can view whenever you like.

Founder Content. From time to time, we publish content from our Founder, Murray Johannsen on what it takes to be a Great Leader or Great Founder.


VIDEOS containing one or more of these types of videos:
Prime Videos. These are videos from our on-line courses. For the most part, these voice lectures along with using PowerPoint slides. 

Prime Trailers. A trailer is a short video, usually just a minute or two that describes the Full Class or the short course. We select from among some of the best thinks talking about some of the leading thinkers of the day.

YouTube Videos. Periodically, we find that there individuals who have good things to say about leadership and it's development.

Founder Videos.  These are a series of five short video lectures on building skills, leadership development and transformation leadership

University Lectures. Public sector university professors from leading university such as INSEAD, Harvard and from others that you have never heard of.

4. Access A List of Great Leadership Movies

Watching classic movies accelerate leadership development if you can learn new behaviors through observation and modeling.

5. Download 2 White Papers To  Improve Expertise  

"An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until eventually he knows everything about nothing." -- Unknown


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  -- Benjamin Franklin

6. Join a Club

The ForeRunner's Club

This group is capped at twenty to help everyone get to know each other. Advantages of belonging:

  • Get a Your Bronze membership for Free as long as you continue to contribute.
  • Preview Learning Content. You see it first prior to release to the wider public. You can take the class and benefit from the content, the exercises, and the application assignments. 
  • It's learning for free -- but you have to provide timely and well-though out feedback on what works and could work better.

7. Enhance Your Network and Social Capital

 Join a Hangouts On Google+ 
We offer these discussions every months. Mostly these are live discussions. You can find out more about them in Events.
Creative a Profile and Access Others on the Directory
Becoming a Bronze member and filling out your profile gets you full access to the member directory. This means you can connect with others.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second best time is today." -- Chinese Proverb

You have a Money Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

Get 10 percent discounts on the public programs below by becoming a member.

 The Dual Track Option

The rail road tracks symbolize the dual track process — a method that will take you much further down the path of building skills. Image by: Tomasz Sienicki

The Dual Track is our term for the two essential drivers needed for the skill-based learning:

  • Skill-based theory, and 
  • Skillful practice.

These are actually a set of learning methodologies that must be kept in mind to successfully implement skill-based learning programs.

Short-Courses are self-paced learning based on a subject.
The Nature of Short Courses. This video is designed to let you know more about the structure of a Legacee short course. This is the structure of 95% of available courses.  
Preview the Short Course: Play The Role. This is a short video that presents one of the short-courses. This is one of two that is available on Udemy, the other being Powerful Thoughts

Pass Out Requirements. One need to complete an short course application assignments before moving on the the next module. You can also suggest one or use the ones we have build into the short course. We do this to verify that you are getting value for the money you have paid. Taking a Short Course not like reading a book, it important to apply what you know and get feedback from experts.

The Learning Cycle. A new cycle begins the first Friday of every month. You sign-up any time for the next cohort before a short begins. Doing so early allows you to go through the ordination program at a leisurly pace. 

At this level one has to show proof of learning, proof of practice that one is really applying what one is learning in the real world. That is why this it complete: 

a. Reflection Journal (Silver Plan)

b. interaction from Legacee Guides (Gold Plan) 

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