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The Legacee Academy

Self-Directed Skill Building

Discover Level II Learning On the Silver Plan

Be All You Can Be — Build the Skill of Building Skills

You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

“There is no end to education. It is not enough that you read a book, pass an examination, and get a degree. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Choose The Skill-Based Learning OR the Mastery Practices Track

Then Choose The Classes within that track. 

How it Works:

This is the level of self-paced learning. It's designed for the self-motived individual who want a base of skill based theory that is both practical and relevant. We provide the educational content that you can then learn and apply. If you choose to do the exercises and application assignments built into each module, YOU WILL RECEIVE FEEDBACK. 

  • There is no one is looking over your shoulder. 
  • You can login to your class at any time on a state of the art learning management system. 
  • You have the ability to learn a new skill-set every two-weeks. 
  • You choose a concentration and the classes within a concentration
  • You can access old content for as long as your membership is active. 

Option 1: Learning the Mastery Practices

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -- Leo Tolstoy

In Buddhism, mastery practices are any activity, skill or practice that helps achieve enlightenment. We use term mastery practices to signify describe the techniques necessary to grow other skills.

Reflection in a Soap Bubble, Image by Mila Zink ova 
START WITH A SHORT COURSE KNOWN AS: Reflection: How to Learn From Experience

Most people don't learn from experience. There are people proud of the 15 years of experience they put on the resume. But it's really one year of experience repeated 15 times. Discover how to use this powerful technique to learn from experience. Receive chapter on Reflection from an upcoming book focused on the skill of building skills.

 Practical Meditation: Learn It, Practice It, Experience It

This is designed as an introductory class, presenting a fundamental understanding of why it is important to learn how to relax and meditate to prevent adverse psychological and physiological problems associated with stress.  

 Powerful Thoughts: Improving Your Performance With Self-Talk
Your mind is like a garden. But rather than growing beautiful flowers, the winds of thought instead carry the seeds of weeds. Rather than seeing something beautiful, you have a tangled mess. But you can clear the weeds by using self-talk.


 Seeing With the Mind's Eye: How to Construct Potent Imagery (Full Class)

University researchers in this area have long known that high performers in sports use a combination of real and mental practice.  Both produce better results than either used alone. These high performers know what the rest of us don’t -- how to use guided image as a tool of mental practice. STILL, most of us don't know who to use imagery to improve application skills.

Option 2: Skill-Based Learning

“Our knowledge can only be finite while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite.” -- Karl Popper, Austrian philosopher


In the 21st Century, each of us must continually upgrade knowledge and skills. To not do so means we risk unemployment, under employment and a life of stagnant wages. While we live in an Information Age, few schools and universities bother to teach us how to convert theory into skills. Few understand the steps–the process -- how to build skills. The goal of this class is to accelerate someone going from the novice stage to the mastery stage.


This is an applied class. This program presents a step-by-step format to enhance learning of complex skills. It includes a practice assignments designed to try out new skill development techniques.

Invest in the Most Important Asset in the World — You

Just $145 USD per month

You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.
And get a 20 percent discount on public programs
Join and Also Receive 4 Big Benefits

"Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned just by reading about it." -- Henry Mintzberg, McGill University School of Management, The Nature of Managerial Work, Harper & Row, 1973

1. Access the Legacee Skill Development Library. A very important part of getting value from the program is understanding and mastering the skill of building skills.

2. Join a Club to share your expertise with the larger community. Expand your Social Capital by connecting with others in the network. It helps to know others and for others to know you.

3. Orient Yourself To Learning. Access a on-line program that covers the basics of learning and navigating around the learning management system. 

4. Enhance Your Social Capital. Sometimes is it about who you know.

1. Access The Skill Development Library

"It's deceptively simple, to be an effective leader you must know what skills to develop and how to build them. Doing so gives you a sustainable competitive advantage in the race to the top." — M. Johannsen
 The Nature of the Skills Library

In this library you will get access to:
The most important leadership skills to develop.

The component skills needed to develop skills. 

2. Join A Club

The Pioneers Club

This group is capped at twenty to help everyone get to know each other. Advantages of belonging:

  • Preview Learning Content. You see it first prior to release to the wider public. You can take the class and benefit from the content, the exercises, and the application assignments. 
  • It's learning for free -- but you have to provide timely and well-though out feedback on what works and could work better.

 The Authors Club

The focus here is still in the printed word. Thats not to say that one shouldn't use pictures; in fact, text is rather boring, today the messages that get read commonly have both text and images. 

To stay a member in good standing requires that you publish at least once a month. You can retain copyright. Or if using the free membership option, publish on a work for hire basis. You can post to LegaceePrime social media outlets on Facebook, the newsletters, Linked-in, etc. 

Doing so can help you to establish a following.

Prerequisite: By special invite for those with a track record of doing quality work.

The Heros Club

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” -- Henry David Thoreau

Here the focus is understanding and mastering the psychological forces that most people never think much about. Psychologically, there is an archetype called the leader one that both Carl Jung  and Joseph Campbell have extensively written about.

Otherwise, you will live a life in fear: both conscious and unconscious. One feels the hopelessness of knowing that your dreams are forever beyond your reach. For if you don't win this inner battle, conquering outer world is unlikely as well.

3. Go Through an Orientation Program 

4. Enhance Your Network and Social Capital

 Join a Hangouts On Google+ 
We offer these discussions every months. Mostly these are live discussions. You can find out more about them in Events.
Creative a Profile and Access Others on the Directory
Becoming a Bronze member and filling out your profile gets you full access to the member directory. This means you can connect with others.

Remember, you can make no more better investment than to develop knowledge and skills you can use throughout your entire life.


You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.


"I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book." -- Groucho Marx
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