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The Legacee Academy

Level 3: The Master Instructor

Discover Level III Learning

"When the student is ready, the master appears." -- Buddhist Proverb

This level is for those that wish to coach and teach. It requires a special set of skills, one about and beyond just being able to know and do. Just because you are skilled, doesn't mean you can teach another. In fact, this is typically the case. But like all skills, this one can be learned. 

This is the level of the teacher, the coach, the tutor and the instructor. If may be the level of the professor if the professor can actually do what they are teach (many cannot.) It requires more than simple transmission of knowledge; after all, that's can be done by reading a book.


“To really know, one must teach” -- Murray Johannsen

It requires that you:
  1. Present information
  2. Provide appropriate feedback
  3. Motivate
  4. Design a practice program that works
  5. Evaluate the learning to make sure that it is working.
One really hasn’t mastered any competencies until one can teach it, until you can coach it. This requires an additional level of learning, one that has one as to understand. For not only does one be able to model the competencies, but you must all discover the way to transmit it to another.

“To really teach, one must do” -- Murray Johannsen

 Learn and Earn

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." ~ Albert Einstein


You can make extra income by getting access to content and delivering it to others when you are certified to deliver on a course by basis.

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