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The Legacee Academy

Guided Skill Building

Discover Level II Learning On the Gold Plan

You get practical theory, the time to practice and your own coach

For a Monthly Subscription of $695

You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

"Contrary to the opinion of many people, leaders are not born. Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work." -- Vince Lombardi, football coach

Begin Your Journey of Discovery

"It's useful to know what, but just as important to know how." — Murray Johannsen

Phase I. Chart Your Course. Work with one of our experts to give yourself an edge through Competency Modeling the skill-sets needed to performance three work roles: current, future and dream.

Phase II. Choose Your Route. Choose Your Concentrations and the courses and even the modules within a given course.

Concentrations include:

a. Self-Mastery: The Owners Manual for the Mind
b. Personal Leadership: The Essence of Supervisions and Team Leadership
c. Transformational Leadership: For a Change in Yourself and Others
d. Practical Motivation: What you  Need to Know to really performance
e. Word Magic: The 12 Essential Verbal Communication Skills.

Phase III. Travel The Path on Dual Track. Take one week to understand a skill — the one to three weeks. We expect that you really will strive for mastery. This is not about faking it — it is about making it. 

"The doors of opportunity most frequently open for the person best prepared to walk through it." -- M. Johannsen

Phase I. Create Your Map

Washington is not a place to live in. The rents are high, the food is bad, the dust is disgusting and the morals are deplorable. Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.” — Horace Greeley, 1865

Painting By John Gast (circa 1872): Manifest Destiny

We first start out with an understanding of where you are and where you are going. And a comprehensive assessment is the thing that will tell you where you are. You really cannot follow someone else’s journey, you must create your own map. It’s your journey, not theirs. If this is not done, you are forever lost in confusion.

The first phase consists of defining your: 

  • Vision & goals
  • Opportunities
  • Threats, and
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Phase II. Choose Your Route

Focus on a Concentration, Your Class Within a Concentration and the module within that concentration

A Concentration is a set of three to six Full Classes. Each Full Classes six Short Courses (or modules).


Phase III. Walk The Path—Dual Track Learning

The rail road tracks symbolize the dual track process — a method that will take you much further down the path of building skills. Image by: Tomasz Sienicki

1. Learn The Theory

This is for those who are tired of sitting in a class writing papers and taking exams? There is nothing wrong with learning theory. However, it's also important to go the next step and build skills.

2. Practice The Skill

Skill based learning requires a different process form that used in corporate training or university classes. Essentially, one must learn practical theory that one then applies in the real world. It's this combination of skill development through practices and feedback that allows one to eventually achieve mastery. We work on a monthly cycle. This gives you time to learn; and more importantly, to practice. 

3. Get Personalized Instruction and Feedback
Receive personalized attention by an experienced instructor twice a month additional instruction, coaching, and feedback.

The Goal simply stated, it is mastery, in every skill domain you choose to learn. This is not so easy. So it is with leadership, you will have to spend hundreds of hours over the years to get really good at it. And to be a great transformational leader, requires more time still.

At this level one has to show proof of learning, proof of practice that one is really applying what one is learning in the real world. That is why this it often
 requires interaction with an instructor-coach.
If you want to understand leadership, you can keep reading books. But if you want to lead, you will need to practice to build your skills.

For a Monthly Subscription of $695

You have a Money-Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

Join And Also Receive

1. Access the Legacee Skill Development Library. A very important part of getting value from the program is understanding and mastering the skill of building skills.

2. Join a Discovery Club to share your expertise with the larger community. 

3. Expand your Social Capital by connecting with others in the network. It helps to know others and for others to know you.

4. Receive a A Movie Guide every month. We can learn a great deal from some movies if we pay attention to what's going on in certain scenes. 

5. Orient Yourself To Learning. Access a on-line program that covers the basics of learning and navigating around the learning management system.

1. Access The Skill Development Library

"It's deceptively simple, to be an effective leader you must know what skills to develop and how to build them. Doing so gives you a sustainable competitive advantage in the race to the top." — M. Johannsen

In this library you will get access to:
  • The most important leadership skills to develop.
  • The component skills needed to develop skills. 

2. Clubs You Can Join

The Producers Club 

This club works the same as the Author's Club, but rather than focusing on words, you would put together videos. You are welcome to create your own content but make it less than ten minutes. You can also submit 3rd party videos provided the content is in the public domain or available through license

Prerequisite: By special invite.

Image by: Mathew Yohe 

The Great Founders Club 


Average guys create mediocre companies. Great entrepreneurs create great companies. it’s as simple and complex as that. 

Unfortunately most entrepreneurs, their advisors, and their investors commonly forget this fundamental truth. They think its all about management, as if you can manage the chaos of the start-up. That you manage your way into building a team. That people want to be managed. 

This group is focused on the Great Leaders who are Great entrepreneurs.

6. Enhance Your Network and Social Capital

 Join a Hangouts On Google+ 
We offer these discussions every months. Mostly these are live discussions. You can find out more about them in Events.
Creative a Profile and Access Others on the Directory
Becoming a Bronze member and filling out your profile gets you full access to the member directory. This means you can connect with others.

3. Receive a Leadership Movie Guide

Get a Movie Guild every month. 

The guide allows you to take apart a movie scene by scene. By doing so, you can model certain scenes and analyze what is being said or not said. We take the abstract and turn it into the practical. Besides the guides, Get APPLICATION ASSISTANCE each month by talking to one of our experts. The true benefit of the learning process is one where one goes to this step -- where one thinks about how to apply what one has seen and thought about. 

5. Orientation Programs

“Know Thyself”– Attributed to Pythagoras, Plutarch, Socrates, and Thales. Also the words found at the entrance of the most famous of the ancient Greek temples: The Temple of Apollo at Delphi

"You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour." -- Jim Rohm


You have a Money Back Guarantee for 30-days and you can cancel your subscription at any time after that.

Get 20% discount off the retail price of open enrollment classes. These classes are offered in addition to your subscription classes but you choose only the ones you are interested in.

“If you want one year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want ten years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want one hundred years of prosperity, grow people.”  Chinese Proverb


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