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The Legacee Academy

Six Reasons To Be a Prime Member

1. Stand out from the Herd -- Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition

In terms of the marketing jargon, your college degree is a generic brand. It's pretty much like all the other degrees that are out there. For example, a business administration degree has pretty much the same required courses, one of which is NOT leadership.

You must differentiate yourself by building a differentiated set of the skills, knowledge and experiences that set you apart from the rest of the pack who are about your same age. Generic might be better, but you pay more for the brand.

In the West, you must standout and get noticed. It's what the military refers to as visibility. What good does do you if you are the best employee in the department if the bosses' boss and the bosses' bosses' boss don't know who you are?

2. Joining Signifies Commitment and Motivation 

"40 thousand fishes won't fill your stomach with fishes." — Italian Proverb

 An olympic medalion

We have to measure our commitment (i.e. behavior) really is. One way to assess this is to examine how one spends time an money. If you spend more money on clothes than you do on leadership development, this is not a good omen. If you can always find money for vacations, but never to purchase leadership videos, leadership is not a high priority. And if you always have time for TV sports on Saturday and Sunday, but can never find time to read even short articles leadership, you are not ready to accept more responsibility. 

3. Innovation and Change Starts With Me

You see it all the time in business, the delusion that you can change an organization (commonly under the titles of organization change, innovation or even something like organizational change and innovation) without being an extremely skilled transformational leader. 

Yet, this person who is expected to change an organization typically cannot change their own beliefs, or their own behavior; let alone one the behavior and believes of someone else. No wonder about 70% of organizational change programs fail (Maurer, 2010). 

4. Prepare Yourself For Leadership Responsibility

"The doors of opportunity open most frequently for those best prepared to walk through it." — Murray Johannsen


Somethings don't change much. Unfortunately, too many organizations have a "sink or swim" strategy on leadership development. It goes, "Do a good job, and we will promote you to being a supervisor. " Unfortunately, many new supervisors will fail. Even the failure rate for new executives or senior executives on new assignments is nearly 40% (Fisher, 2012)

For example,  Research on Millennials in the area of leadership indicate that they want to lead, but they also know they are not ready.  If fact. 70% don't want to work in hugemongous bureaucracies, but would prefer entrepreneurial organizations (Bersin, 2012). 

5. Benefit By Belonging To A Larger Community

It's long been known that part of you success in life is related to who you know. The is what the business types like to call "social capital" --and they rush around trying to put some monetary value to having a large group of imaginary "friends" on the Internet.   Still, it's important to  understand that a large network is better than a small one and a small network of experts is more valuable that a large one of idiots. So by joining, it is our hope that our hope that you become an expert and until that time, you have the intellectual honesty to say, "I don't know," or "It depends." 

6. Codes of Conduct

We strive to have a set of rules that guide members and ground rule violations are one of the things that can get you excluded as a member. For example, "logic" using the  ad hominem fallacy are never acceptable. Sure a person might be on the wrong and they may be on the left side on the normal distribution of intelligence, but we don't say, "You're wrong because you're a moron." 

7. Participate

"The best way to learn, is to teach." — Murray Johannsen


One has to join at the table if you are going to receive the benefits.[/caption]  

We aim to make this the premier membership site for leadership development on the planet. And to do so, that means that we need your involvement and participation. 

For example, once you are a member, it opens up sharing information by : 

  • Being Part of a Club
  • Joining One or both of our Linkedin Group
  • Writing For Blogs

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