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Full classes, unlike the self-paced short courses, have an instructor and fixed time line. Therefore, they are perfect for who want to get a course done in a certain time frame. Most Level 1 courses are designed to be completed in a six week time frame. 

Most full classes are part of a given CONCENTRATION and count as part of fulfilling this requirement. 

Others are part of INDEPENDENT CLASSES which we offer periodically that are not attached to a specific concentration.These are  open up are different times during the year. Enrollment Periods typically begin 3 weeks before the class. 

Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:

Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:

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We believe in theory you can apply.

Short courses are self-paced classes that you conveniently access from your computer, laptop, or iPad. Each course has video (third party and video lectures like this one); carefully chosen on-line readings; and exercises with assignments to build skills through practice.


a. Why learning is so hard
b. A Proven Model for learning
b. The Four Sections of a Course
c. Benefits and Extras
d. Additional Information Sources


In the old days, learning skills was a very personal thing. You often had a teacher or coach and that person would take you through step-by-step what needed to be done. They would also hold your hand if you needed it.


In our Short Course format, you can engage in independent skill learning OR have an advisor who can take you through it step-by-step. This are offered from time-to-time to the public, but you can also ask for specific courses as well. In this case, you can also request optional coaching.

SHORT CLASSES are self-paced learning available as soon as you enroll and pay.

Rather than take a FULL CLASS which has others going through the same material, the Short Course format allows you work on the class when you want.

These courses are offered through By doing so, you get lifetime access to what is being offered.

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