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Designing Your Learning Program

Option 1: Take One of Our Public Programs

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Public programs are offered at the Legacee Academy every month. Some classes are offered once a month but others are offered less frequently.

To access: The list of current offerings.

Chose Between Two Types of Learning Programs: Full Classes and Short Courses
Choose Short Course.
Full Class Course

Decision 2: Decide On Mastery Level — Either Level 1 or Level 2

If an employer requires you to have a grade to be reimbursed for a class, we will issue one. But if you are simply taking a class for a grade, you should go elsewhere. At Legacee, we hope you strive to master your learning. We divide mastery learning into three levels: learning expertise, building skills, and master instruction 

For more information: Discover the Three Levels of Mastery

Become an Expert (Level 1 Learning)

Most university classes are Level 1 learning. That is, the course decreases our ignorance and increases our knowledge and understanding. This is the default setting for Legacee Academy public classes. It is assumed that one are taking the class to primarily to enhance your understanding  For example, a full on-llne class with six modules done in six-weeks is focused on level 1 learning. This is option 1 when you register. But you can choose the Dual Track Option (Option 2) when you sign up for public classes or concentrations.

Building Skills (Level 2 Learning)

Let’s face it, a skill can NOT be built without practice. And you might have to practice many, many times to get good at it. Practicing anything once means you are still a novice. 

The Dual Track is designed for individuals who desire to move from novice to mastery. That means there’s a greater focus on practice.  In Level 2 learning you have two weeks to complete a module (more time to practice) rather than one. A six-module online class on the Dual Track takes 12 weeks, not six. 

PLUS,  you have your own master instructor who will tailor the learning specifically for you. More important still, the person is an expert who provides feedback, support and mentoring. It’s like having your own coach. 

To Access  More Information on the Dual Track

Option 3:  Choose A Concentration

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Most Legacee online classes are grouped together as a concentrations. A academy concentration is a complex competency that allows you to perform one or  two major roles: that of transformational leader or digital marketer. 

These are the academy transformational leadership competencies: 

• Verbal communication
• Motivation
• Skill Mapping
• Skill-based learning
• Mastery Practices
• Leadership Foundations
• Transformational Leadership

Digital marketing side of the Legacee Academy comes in two flavors:

• Entrepreneurial (Track I)
• Organizational (Track II) (Coming soon)

When you choose a concentration, you have decided to master a skill-set. These skill-sets valued by the employers that universities have neglected. You cannot learn transformational leadership in the university. Few even offer digital marketing. Online classes within an Academy concentration contain exercises and application assignments, It’s above applying what you know rather than getting a grade employers don’t care about anyway.  Completing a concentration also allows you to receive badges.

To get more detail and to explore further:

Concentration Descriptions

Decision 3: Choose When to Get Started

Of course, you can sign-up for a public class as long as it has not started. But if you are interested in a concentration, be sure to sign-up and go on the wait list. When we have enough people signed up for a concentration, we will kick on off. Therefore, it’s important that you indicate your preferences.

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