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Learning Practices

These are programs offered to the general public that are NOT included as part of your membership. However, you can take any Full Class coming up for a discount based on your membership level. They are available for individuals or groups, blended or on-line.. 

"It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow." – Ralph Ellison

Section Overview
The Event Calendar
Events are learning programs that include: Full Classes, Short Courses, and Hangouts. These are open enrollment programs accessible by the Public, Guests or Members. 

Unlike university programs where the focus is on grades and papers, we focus on remembering, understanding and skills. For your the time and effort, you receive different types of certificates:
Full Classes and Short Courses

For those who are not interested in certificate programs, we offer Full Classes (normally six modules) and Short Courses (normally one stand alone module).

Full Classes also come with an Orientation Program

Access a sample description of a Full Class

Access a sample of a Short Course and the learning methods associated with it.


Legacee has two, one oriented toward effectiveness in running meetings and the other toward needed organizational skills

Learning Events

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