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Welcome To Legacee.

This is an beginning of the application process for the Influencer Internship. The form is not that long, but it serves as a first-step of an intake and orientation process. Essentially, success as an influencer is based on a learned mind-set. To see what I mean, see: A TikTok Star Shares How To Build Followers.

The Personal Brand

In this case, there are the expertise and skills associated with developing a personal brand. This is NOT something taught in the b-schools. Business schools teach corporate branding, perfect for fitting in as an employee. But a personal brand requires an entrepreneurial orientation. This makes this academy unique.

The Entrepreneurial Mind-set

We don't assume someone has all the entrepreneurial characteristics exhibited by the person in the TikTok article. But we do assume what you need to know is teachable; that the characteristics of a Great Founder and the motivational drive referred to as need for achievement are learned.

The Vision

Sometimes I am asked about the name Legacee. It was chosen partly due to the need for a unique spelling to create a brand. But more than that, a legacy is what you leave behind. It means that you aspire to do great things. It's more than being materialistic. It's more than being a good consumer and working 60-hours a week for a company.

Having a Legacee means you have a social message and desire to Be All You Can Be.

Best Regards,

Murray Johannsen

Founder & President

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