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This site is more focused on a specific type of leadership known as transformational leadership. 
We focus our development efforts on four transformational leadership competencies:

• Develop a TRANSFORMATIONAL MINDSET. Lets face it, the system wants you to conform. Innovators think differently from the rest of us -- and so do great transformational leaders.

• Build the Skill of SKILL DEVELOPMENT. Sad to say, few, very few managers could tell you how to build a skill. This results in billions of training dollars lost each year.

• Boost Your SOCIAL INFLUENCE. Remember the old saying, "Lead, follow or get out of the way?" Bosses who cannot exercise the nine elements power are not strong leaders, they act like a followers; and they probably block the way forward.

• Strive Toward SELF-MASTERY. Organizations continually focus great efforts on process improvement, but most forget about pushing continuous personal improvement. To borrow a phrase from the Army, you must "Be All That You Can Be."

Image by: Sid Meier

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