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Why Choose This Concentration

This programs focuses on established businesses that have a larger marketing vision than putting together an on-line catalog and buying pay-per-click ads. These courses are designed for business owners or marketing managers that need to build digital marketing expertise.

The program assumes that you have a service business or business to business enterprise that:

• Has a website,

• Engages in active email marketing,

• Publishes content, and 

• Uses social media channels

as a way of generating traffic, leads, or revenues. 

Upcoming Classes and Courses

    • 10-Jun-2019
    • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor (Digital Marketing)

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    If you know how to use publicity, you will easily make your numbers. After all, getting your message out to millions through traditional media will rocket your numbers up. You don't have to change your message, if you have designed it to be newsworthy.

    In a world where big media is controlled by big business, publicity offers a low-cost method of reaching a mass audience. Many a small business has used it successfully to grow rapidly. The Internet has generated new types of word of mouth–one based on email; and increasingly, on video. This is a course which is about using the Internet as part of a program for publicity.

    You will Learn About:

    • Understanding The Nature of Publicity

    • Setting a Solid Foundation: Making Your Writing Newsworthy

    • Publicity Strategy: Putting Together a Plan

    • Publicity Tactic 1: Writing Engaging Pitch Letters

    • Publicity Tactic 2: Writing and Distributing Publicity Releases

    • Publicity Tactic 3: Constructing a Media List

    • Publicity Tactic 4: Writing and Distributing Articles

    • Publicity Tactic 5: Developing a Media Friendly "Press Room”

    • The Future of Web Publicity    
    • 17-Jun-2019
    • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Track II)

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    According to the Direct Marketing Association as of 2009, email marketing delivers $43.62 for every dollar spent. Whether this number is true or not (after all, the DMA is not the most unbiased of sources), the consensus of experts is that email works. And what makes email marketing so effective? Fundamentally, it's about getting people to give you permission to send them information; the mechanics of email campaigns; and your ability to send interesting, relevant content.

    Four Course Modules

    a. Email Marketing Strategy: The Must Understand Rules of the Game

    b. How to Run and Optimize an email Marketing Campaign

    c. Copyrighting Guidelines: How to Write Compelling Headlines, Motivational Prompts and Interesting Newsletters

    d. Proven Methods you can Use to Build an In-house List.

    Take Aways. This is an applied course. You will: 

    Develop Interesting headers

    Devise compelling paragraphs

    Design a newsletter or email promotion

    Put together an email campaign.

    Evaluate results and suggest improvements

    • 08-Jul-2019
    • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Digital Marketing)

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    Today, you can't do digital marketing without the use of video. Not only does it enhance the brand and increase conversion, but video makes or breaks crowdfunding campaign. It's the text and the images that get people interested but it is the video that closes the sale. Studies have shown that a good video increases the likelihood of making a sale.

    It's much more powerful medium than just using text or images when building a personal brand. Honestly, hardly no one remembers the article you write but they will remember that video.

    Your will learn about:

    Module 1: Why Use Video? Understanding It's Business Case

    Module 2. The Top Platforms — What Each Does Well

    Module 3. Must Use Optimization Techniques

    Module 4: Setting-Up a YouTube Channel

    Module 5: Expanding the Fan Base: Strategy and Tactics That Work

    Module 6. Setting Planning and Executing a Campaign

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