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Prefect For Those Who Wish To Develop a Personal Brand and a Business Model That Goes With It


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WHY Choose The Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing Concentration

The primary focus of this curriculum track of digital marketing allows entrepreneurially minded individuals to:

Enhance your personal brand.

Develop high paying digital marketing skill-sets necessary to do gig work.

Quickly develop a network and the business model necessary to generating  income.

Fund a business through crowdfunding.

Unique Elements To This Concentration



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The Prerequisite

You can't get good at marketing if you don't understand the basics. It's like trying to build a house without a foundation.  important if one desired to refresh ones knowledge of marketing or if you never have been exposed to marketing as a discipline. The essential ideas do not change no matter what tech tools one uses.

Skill Mapping 

We sometimes think that for many, a career is journey in which most people are lost. In today's world you can do about anything you want, but you have to know what you want and how to get there.


Given that you have a network and a business model, you are ready for the great leap forward, getting investment capital to kick start a business. It's a funding pool equal fast approaching the money raised from venture capitalists. Plus, you don't have to give away stock. But you do have to get good at digital marketing.

Available Classes and Courses

    • 01-Apr-2019
    • A Four-Week On-Line Short Course (Track I)

    Facebook has 1.6 billion monthly users and a market value of over $300 billion. That makes it the largest social media network in the world—an extremely important platform where you can generate leads and prospects and fans while interacting with friends.

    This course focuses on PAGES and FANS and REVENUES, not profiles and friends, for these are the key elements to utilizing the platform to grow brands and business.

    You will discover:

    Module 1: Facebook Advertising: Reaching Millions in Minutes


    Facebook Foundations: Critical Parts to a SophisticatedPlatform

     Setting Up a Dynamite Personal or Business Page

    Tools and Techniques to Build, Expand and Sustain a FanBase

    Facebook Marketing: Habits to Develop, Pitfalls to Avoid

    Image by: olga.palma

    • 01-Apr-2019
    • A 30-Day On-Line Short Course on the Dual Track (Track I)

    Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

    Every age has those who exercise influence. And today, it has never been easier to put together a following. In the old days, this was hard. Today, with social media channels it has gotten easier. And given the large size of the audience on the Internet, one can develop a following with just about any type of message. 

    This forms the basis for a business model if you are so inclined. The reason is that brands wish to buy in to your network and have you promote their interests. Perhaps for shoes, perhaps for something more tangible.

    This is a self-paced class with an optional coach. 

    • 01-Apr-2019
    • Available as 30-day Dual Track Short Course (Level II: Skill Learning)

    "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." — Groucho Marx

    In the old days, a resume used to be enough. NOT TRUE TODAY. 

    Now employers wonder why you have a resume but don't have a profile

    With over 560 million members, Linkedin is one of the most important professional networks in the world.  According to a recent study, over 90% of the recruiters and HR professionals use it as a major tool for sourcing talent. 

    This Course:

    Helps Employers Find You. As one sharp VP in Human Resources said, "We need to reach candidates earlier, before they're being pursued by competitors." 

    Helps You Find Good Employers. Linkedin allows you a way to see into the darkness to access the jobs not get advertised.

    Shows Your How to Expand Your Social Capital. After all, it helps to build a large network of hiring managers and HR recruiters.

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    Take all Four-Modules as Full Class — OR— Just One as a Short Course

    Module 1: How HR Recruiters Use Linkedin (and how to Get on Their Dashboard)

    Image by: Dom 497

    We start with understanding who someone who can hire you thinks — and how they will use Linkedin to find you.

    Module 2: The Tricks To Creating a Top of the Line, Searchable Profile

    Getting found involves the smart use of your profile. You must write it to be found and, get them interested enough to find you. 

    Module 3: Building A High Value Network 

    Image by: Martin Grandjean

    Linkedin acts as like a magnet—it attracts recruiters and employers to you — IF you construct your network properly.

    Module 4: The Essentials of Search For That Dream Internship or JobImage by: LuxMaxArt             

      Some really important things aren't taught in classrooms — like how to search for a job on Linkedin. Find out how. 

      Articles of Interest

      Hot Jobs. What Job Categories Are Rapidly Growing

      Profile or Resume? Which is More Important.

      Do Employers Care about Grades? What Straight A Students Get Wrong

      But like many complex tools, it one must put in the time and effort to master it. What you get back from it, depends on what you put into it.

      • 08-Apr-2019
      • A 6-module online learning program. Available as a six-week Instructor-Led Full Class (Level I Learning: Expertise) OR a Dual Track Full Class (Level II Learning: Skills & Expertise)

      Image by: The Literary Digest

      You might say this is a "college writing deprograming class." Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using what was learned by writing scholarly research papers. The world has moved on; and the real world doesn't value black and white text the way it used to.

      Discover More About:

      • The rules of copywriting

      • Classic techniques that work and will always work

      • How To design emotional appeals

      • Hold people's attention

      • Designing motivational calls to action

      • How to use imagery with copy

      Module 1. WHY CONTENT IS KING

      EVEN with email, good content still rules. In this module, you will learn the copyrighting techniques that make content both interesting and motivational. To do so, you have to understand the nature of how to write. For example, if you write like a professor — you will fail at marketing. You will learn about two major forms of email marketing. The first is the promotional email. This is normally a stand alone product promoting a particular offer or event. The other form is the email based newsletter.

      Module 2: Persuasive Patterns

      There are classic persuasive patterns that work. These are useful in writing copy that gets people to take action.  

      Module 3: Generating And Modeling Good Copy

      Good copy shares two characteristics: it gets your interest and motivates you to  do something — such as making that click to a landing page.

      Module 4: Creating Ads That Sell: Integrating Words and Images

      Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using just text. The world has moved on and continues to move away from test only messages.

      Module 5: The Power of Stories, Myths and Archetypes

      We will delve into both Jung and Campbell: giants with deep insights into the strong psychological and motivation forces illustrated by myths and archetypes.

      Module 6: Writing Motivational Posts and Emails

      There is an art to getting someone to make the click. There is even an art to getting a person to open up your eMail.  This is where writing boring is fatal; for who wants to read a another boring piece of writing. Brings back bad memories of reading journal articles. 

      Here you will learn about:

      • How to Grab Attention With a Headline
      • What Can Motivate Action With a Descirption
      • Structures for Compelling Calls To Action

      • 06-May-2019
      • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Track II)

      Landing pages are necessary to get the highest conversion rate from PPC ads, gateway pages or e-mail campaigns. Good landing pages only have two purposes: to generate leads or revenues. Sounds easy but are quite many subtle issues involved in getting a conversion a viewer to take action.

      There are three major tasks associated with the coming up with a landing page that works:

      a. Writing engaging copy,

      b. Designing the page, and

      c. Systematically testing the page to optimize it.

      • 03-Jun-2019
      • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line

      Image by lumaxart

      Today, you can seek financial independence by creating a personal brand. For once you have a  large following, you have a business model. And you can do that part-time until you want to go full-time. You don't have to be a employee in a corporation, you can be a superstar with fans. 

      The Six Modules in the Class will provide the roadmap of the journey toward greater success—whether you want to stay solo or pursue the dual branding opportunities presented by having a corporation or social enterprise.

      Learning Areas:

      Module 1: Opportunity and Peril: The Social Media Landscape

      Module 2: Must Know Truths about Personal & Organizational Branding

      Module 3: Getting Noticed — Choosing Your Positioning and Differentiation

      Module 4: Find Your Voice—How To Construct Powerful Messages

      Module 5: Choosing The Right Mix Channels and Mediums

      Module 6: Campaigning and Curating Essentials To Consistently Broadcast Your Message

      "I once used the word "obsolete" in a headline, only to discover that 43% of housewives had no idea what it meant. In another headline I used the word "ineffable," only to discover that I didn't know what it meant myself." — David Ogilvy

      Clearly, you have always had the ability to have a personal brand, to be a star on the stage of life. For the most part, these would be individuals in the performing arts, and great writers. In fact, the b-schools completely and still mostly ignore who to create a personal brand—preferring instead to focus on the corporate identity, In fact, few b-schools even have a class on publicity.

      • 10-Jun-2019
      • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor (Digital Marketing)

      The Conversation Prism 2.0. Image by Brian Solis and JESS3

      If you know how to use publicity, you will easily make your numbers. After all, getting your message out to millions through traditional media will rocket your numbers up. You don't have to change your message, if you have designed it to be newsworthy.

      In a world where big media is controlled by big business, publicity offers a low-cost method of reaching a mass audience. Many a small business has used it successfully to grow rapidly. The Internet has generated new types of word of mouth–one based on email; and increasingly, on video. This is a course which is about using the Internet as part of a program for publicity.

      You will Learn About:

      • Understanding The Nature of Publicity

      • Setting a Solid Foundation: Making Your Writing Newsworthy

      • Publicity Strategy: Putting Together a Plan

      • Publicity Tactic 1: Writing Engaging Pitch Letters

      • Publicity Tactic 2: Writing and Distributing Publicity Releases

      • Publicity Tactic 3: Constructing a Media List

      • Publicity Tactic 4: Writing and Distributing Articles

      • Publicity Tactic 5: Developing a Media Friendly "Press Room”

      • The Future of Web Publicity    
      • 17-Jun-2019
      • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Track II)

      Image by: aylmao1999

      According to the Direct Marketing Association as of 2009, email marketing delivers $43.62 for every dollar spent. Whether this number is true or not (after all, the DMA is not the most unbiased of sources), the consensus of experts is that email works. And what makes email marketing so effective? Fundamentally, it's about getting people to give you permission to send them information; the mechanics of email campaigns; and your ability to send interesting, relevant content.

      Four Course Modules

      a. Email Marketing Strategy: The Must Understand Rules of the Game

      b. How to Run and Optimize an email Marketing Campaign

      c. Copyrighting Guidelines: How to Write Compelling Headlines, Motivational Prompts and Interesting Newsletters

      d. Proven Methods you can Use to Build an In-house List.

      Take Aways. This is an applied course. You will: 

      Develop Interesting headers

      Devise compelling paragraphs

      Design a newsletter or email promotion

      Put together an email campaign.

      Evaluate results and suggest improvements

      • 01-Jul-2019
      • A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor A 6-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor (Digital Marketing Concentration: Track I)

      Most people have many contacts in their network, but few know how to leverage these contacts. There is a similar phenomenon in chemistry, where there exists both potential energy and kinetic energy. Potential forever remains a possibility. Kinetic energy makes things happen. And so it is with your Linkedin network, you must convert potential energy (contacts) into the kinetic kind (referral sources, appointments and interviews.)

      Class Modules

      This online class is about developing contacts and taking actions that covert work leads to prospects to work. You will learn how to:

         • Develop both personal positioning
         • Put together your branding strategy
         • Develop more high quality leads
         • Take more effective conversion actions

      1. Building a Strong Foundation: The Essentials of Branding, Positioning and Differentiation

      Image by: Ivan Walsh

      You have the option of presenting ourself in many different ways. Whether one wants to do so depends on the nature of the product or service. Sometimes people want to hire the expert. Sometimes, they want to hire the business. Sometimes they want to hire an expert who has a business. This section looks at the corporate entity and how it might be used on this medium.

      2. Enhancing Your Personal Brand: Developing a Top-Drawer Profile

      "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." — Groucho Marx

      Image by: dodgers

      Getting found by the prospects such as head hunters involves the smart use of your profile. The issue is two-fold, first, being discovered during a search and second, once they are on the profile getting and keeping them interested.

      3. How to Properly Leverage Group Membership 

      Image by: Lumaxart
      There are thousands of groups you join. Some groups you join because of a common interest, (i.e. technology) or (much more likely), it's where the clients or recruiters hangs out. Once you join a group you can: share your knowledge to help others, post a news article, start a discussion, answer a question, or post a job lead.

      4. Growing Your Network: Utilizing, Influencing and Boosting Social Capital

      It's long been known that in professional circles the quality of the network is very important. In the old days, one used a rolodex and a phone. Today your options are more numerous and more complex. Linkedin presents one way to leverage a network, but it is not the only way. The way Linkedin manages the network is through "degrees of separation." This model has strengths, but it also has major weaknesses. For example, to assume all individuals you know are equally important, and is willing to help you out is not a valid assumption.

      5. Advanced Methods of Projecting Your Expertise

      "If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." — Unknown Source

      Image by lumaxart

      Linkedin has both basic functions which one must master and the advanced options which you can choose to use. ANSWERS as the name implies is a service defined to get answers to your questions. Its value lies asking good questions and answering the same. How do you jazz up a profile? You can add applications. While it is not necessary, potentially one can create another channel to impress. Some may want to host an event. Events offer a valuable way of getting to people together either locally or on the web. For example, you could host a local group or might want to offer a webinar of some type.

      6. Managing Your Reputation
      Before one starts to develop a personal brand, its wise to take a look at what is already being said out there since most individuals will not only check your profile, they will also do a quick check on Google. And of course, you want to keep some information out of the public domain to discourage identity theft. 

      Find Out More

                    Consult Our Guide                         Academy Polices and Procedures

      • 08-Jul-2019
      • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Digital Marketing)

      Image by: Parceiromaste

      Today, you can't do digital marketing without the use of video. Not only does it enhance the brand and increase conversion, but video makes or breaks crowdfunding campaign. It's the text and the images that get people interested but it is the video that closes the sale. Studies have shown that a good video increases the likelihood of making a sale.

      It's much more powerful medium than just using text or images when building a personal brand. Honestly, hardly no one remembers the article you write but they will remember that video.

      Your will learn about:

      Module 1: Why Use Video? Understanding It's Business Case

      Module 2. The Top Platforms — What Each Does Well

      Module 3. Must Use Optimization Techniques

      Module 4: Setting-Up a YouTube Channel

      Module 5: Expanding the Fan Base: Strategy and Tactics That Work

      Module 6. Setting Planning and Executing a Campaign

      • 19-Aug-2019
      • A 4-Week Skill-Building On-Line Short Course
      • 10

      Average speakers use a presentation to inform. Great leaders use the platform to persuade, motivate and to inspire. They know techniques one has to learn and practice to wow the audience. 

      Cleaver speakers know they must capture the audience’s interest in the first one to two minutes. They must make a positive impression based on nonverbal communication and subtle characteristics of the voice.

      And they sweat over how to make a strong conclusion. They know how to embed use facts, statistics, stories and anecdotes, they are skills at framing questions questions, etc. Other important variables deal with the use of support material such as facts, statistics, stories and anecdotes, the ability to ask and answer questions, etc.

      When the best visuals are combined without a dynamic, credible speaker, there a magic in words. Be ready to learn how to cast a few spells.

      Discover proven tactics to increase persuasiveness and the wow factor.

      Want More Information?

                    Consult Our Guide                         Academy Polices and Procedures

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