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The Legacee Academy

  Module has four major sections:
  • A Title Section. 
    • This normally consists of the title (obviously) and a graphic. Most modules have a description, a set of objectives (both Level I and Level II) and readings from a text.
  • Learning Content. 
    • This area content. Normally, this includes written materials and, of course, videos. Most of the time, there are lecture materials from experts in the field or video content created by academy instructors. 
  • Application and Practice. 
    • What separates a course from a book are the suggestions for exercises and application. Both are important for they form the basis for skill building.
  • For More Information. 
    • More articles, videos and resources designed to add to your expertise. We also add fun material and content that is just plan interesting.  

Sample Full Class Announcement

See Full Class Description for "Tough as Nails"

The Resiliency Course Module 

Future On-line Short Courses

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