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The Legacee Academy

Receive After You Sign-up For Any Level I Learning Program The Following

"An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until eventually he knows everything about nothing."
 -- Unknown

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  -- Benjamin Franklin

Bonus Gift 1: Improve Your Reading Comprehension 

Because reading comprehension is not commonly taught, readers recall little of what they read. So you can read volumes and remember nothing. This is not a good thing.

Bonus Gift # 2: A Research Paper on How To Improve Your Memory With Mneumonics

In the digital age, most of us have not learned how to memorize information for later recall. In most fields, we are doubling the amount of available knowledge every seven years. And society is also transferring from an industrial base to a service and information base.

Given such an environment, it becomes increasingly important for an informed person to be able to quickly learn and recall knowledge when needed. An individual that can recall a good percentage of concepts from a text after one reading possesses a tremendous competitive advantage over others who may have to review the material two or more times.

Table of Contents

Reduction and Elaboration Coding

Mnemonic Imagery

Use of Imagery Verses Other Learning Strategies.

Visual Mnemonic Techniques

The Link System

Method of Loci

The Peg System

The Phonetic System

Organizing Principles







Interest and Attention

Limitations of Visual Mnemonics.


Upcoming events

    • 12-Sep-2019
    • 28-Oct-2019
    • Design and delivery of an online learning program with instruction and discussion on Chinese business practices, customs and etiquette.

    A common mistake many business people make when going overseas is not making the time and putting in the effort to understand the basics, the essentials necessary to develop relationship (guan xi).

    • Their strong task orientation prevents them from understanding the importance of developing rapport and earning trust.
    • Poor listening skills lead to misunderstandings that blow the deal or escalate conflict.
    • They are clueless on the important customs and courtesies that mean a lot individuals and government, and
    • They can't make a positive first impression or engage in small talk.

    By taking this class, you will learn and get grounded in essentials of of doing business by:

    • Discovering how to establish a positive first impression,
    • Finding out what topics safe and what is taboo
    • Knowing key milestones and important figures affecting Han civilization
    • Knowing the invisible--the key cultural values affecting business practices
    • Enhancing your communication skills to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding,
    • Discovering important elements so Chinese etiquette -- in social and business contexts

    The Major Modules in the class are:

    1. Survival Mandarin

    2. A Short Guide To the Middle Kingdom

    3. Modern China: Critical Events, Must Know Leaders

    4. East Meet West: Key Cultural Values Used in Business

    5. The Values and Customs That Make China Unique

    6. Getting To the Other Side of Culture Shock

    7. Effective Communication: Techniques That Work

    8. Practical Guan Xi: How to Establish and Build Relationships

    9. Chinese Business Practices, Customs, And Etiquette

    10. Chinese Social Etiquette: The Behavioral Side of Personal Relationships

    11. The Chinese View of Business Strategy

    Access the 1-page overview of the course 1-Sheet-Chinese Business

    Access the detailed module descriptions for the 11 topic areas that make up the class

    • 14-Oct-2019
    • A Four-Module Full Class On-Line
    Mindful Practice01 Mindful Practice02 Mindful Practice03 Mindful Practice04 Mindful Practice05
    • 21-Oct-2019
    • A 4-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor
    "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." -- Ken Blanchard

    Many managers and executives depend too much on their authority -- a limited source of power that doesn’t work well on peers and the boss. Consequently, they fail to get the results they want.

    Additionally, many individuals rely too much on positional influence, rather than developing personal influence. Positional influence is typically limited and constrained, but personal influence is something that can be grown and expanded. Another fact limiting influence, is that many tend to act selfishly like dragons hoarding their gold; rather than socially, like philanthropists who spread the wealth of their influence to benefit others.

    This class expands your knowledge by providing practical influence techniques.  You learn about:

    How to project EXPERTISE.

    Ways one can use developmental COACHING.

     The Nature of building CHARISMA.

     Using VISION—The Power of Setting Expectations.

    If you are taking Foundations to Great Leadership concentration, positive reinforcement, punishment, relationships, and persuasion is covered in other Full Classes.

    • 04-Nov-2019
    • A 4-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor

    This class expands your knowledge by providing practical influence techniques.  You learn about:

    The Rules of Using AUTHORITY.

    How to Enhance Professional RELATIONSHIPS

     The Essence of MOTIVATION:  Positive Reinforcement & Punishment

     Using PERSUASION —The Power of Setting Expectations

    If you are taking Foundations to Great Leadership concentration, positive reinforcement, punishment, relationships, and persuasion is covered in other Full Classes.

    • 06-Jan-2020
    • Six-Week Full Class On-Line With Instructor

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