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The Legacee Academy

Classes and Courses

Learn Expertise or Focus on Skills 

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Learning options include:

a. Enhance Expertise with Self-Paced Learning. Take your time. You have 30-days.

b. Grow Skills With a Short Course. — Get the theory down the first week and for the next 3 practice your skills — all in a 30-day time frame.

c. Full Class. Designed for groups rather than individuals, it’s a practical alternative to courses offered at universities.

d. Customized. 

The Full Class Format

Image by lumaxart

Image by lumaxart

Full classes have an instructor and fixed time line. Therefore, they are perfect for who want to get a course done in a certain time frame. Most Level 1 courses are designed to be completed in a six week time frame. 

Option 1. Full Class with an Instructor (Level I Learning)

Full classes run on a cycle of one-module a week. Beside articles, videos and assessments; each class includes exercises (often in the form of forums and discussions)  and assignments (designed with application ins mind). See a sample module:

Option 2. Full Class with Coaching (Level II Learning)

This is coaching with a difference. You meet with a Master Instructor before class starts, weekly during delivery, and at the end (for debrief and lessons learned). For each of the six modules, spend one-week on the theory and one-week on the application. During week one besides getting the theory down, we figure out how to apply and practice it. During week two you focus on getting it right. And if it’s not right — to doing it over. START ANY TIME.

Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:

Latviešu: Līdera funkcijas Image by:

For More Information

To enroll and to see upcoming classes

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We believe in theory you can apply.

The Short Course Format

In our Short Course format, you can engage in independent skill learning OR have an Master Instructor who can take you through it step-by-step. 

Option 1: The Self-Paced Short Course (Level 1 Learning: Expertise)

This is ideal for those who value independence — you won’t be bothered with much more than an occasional email. Self-paced Short Courses stay open for four weeks. Each course has application assignments and you will receive feedback if you do them before the class closes out. Self-paced Short courses allow you to conveniently access material from your computer, laptop, or iPad. Each course has video (third party and video lectures like this one); carefully chosen on-line readings; and exercises with assignments to build skills through practice.

Option 2: The Skill-Intensive Short Course (Level 2 Learning: Expertise & Skills)

 Get the theory down the first week and for the next 3 practice your skills — all in a 30-day time frame.

For More Information:

Video: How to Register and enroll

Video: The Nature of Our Short Courses

Contact Us if you would like more information

Image by: Jeroen Pulles. National Career Lamp

Image by: Jeroen Pulles. National Career Lamp


The Legacee Academy has the large number of skill development methods helpful to individuals.

Check Out On-Line Classes and Courses 

Learn and practice a skill for 30-days. Doing so means you will can master it. 

But if you know what you are talking about, you have the adoration of the crowd.We all admire the skilled. If you are, you have the adoration of the crowd.


Explore the Dual Track

This method focuses on a discrete skill. Learn the theory on-line — practice with or without a master instructor.

The rail road tracks symbolize the dual track process -- a method that will take you much further down the road.The rail road tracks symbolize the dual track process — a method that will take you much further down the road.


Go On a Journey of Discovery

It’s best to not start a journey without a map. Prepare yourself for a journey on the Quest of Heroes. 

Image by lumaxartImage by lumaxart



Model Your Competencies

As said by Murray Johannsen, “It’s your strengths that get you hired, — your weaknesses that get you fired.” And you will have weaknesses as your responsibilities increase.

Image at: Nikodem NijakiThe scale has many symbolic meanings. Clearly, we want our strengths to out weigh our weaknesses. Image at: Nikodem Nijaki



It helps to have something who can answer your questions. The road to success is difficult enough without a guide.



Develop Skills While Making Income

Doing a business part-time has certain advantage. This system allows for both income and skill building. Learn more.

Program_Victor_Dubreuil_-_Barrels_on_Money%2c_c._1897_oil_on_canvasMoney is not the most important thing. But it makes life a little easier. And to make it, you must be skilled.


Take an on-line FULL CLASS 

These are more comprehensive classes, ones that typically have four to six-modules. You can take individual classes or group them together in a Concentration.

MIT Professor Donald Sadoway a lecture on 12/9/2009. Image by ThePlaz.MIT Professor Donald Sadoway a lecture on 12/9/2009. Image by ThePlaz.

Explore Self-Paced Learning

Two online programs are offered on a self-paced basis.

open book on table 0001

These include:

The Wisdom Videos

3 Motivation Needs

Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

For More Information on how the Dual Track works go to:

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