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Leadership Foundations Concentration:

The Path to Personal Leadership

"To stand still is to move backwards." -- Ron Shandler


The Importance of Leadership

One cannot fish unless one knows how. One cannot lead, without knowing the theory of leadership. It doesn't pay to be an ignorant boss, and ultimately, being a follower isn't much fun either.

This is an Image of Ben Franklin. A symbol of the European enlightenment. Franklin was also a successful writer, publisher, entrepreneur, scientist, government sector administrator, politician and diplomat -- a rare individual who was a leader in many different fields and did require on organization to do so.    

About the Leadership Foundations Concentration

Personal leadership assumes that you do not want to use your organizational position, you have little authority, but want to lead. It's for those who want to exert influence during "moments of truth," which occur in normal conversation with another person.

This is a good program for those that wish to move up to being a supervisor or who want to learn the leadership side of project management. 

Major Competencies:

  • Motivation. Let's face it, you cannot get the behavior you want or decrease the behaviors you don't want, without expertise in motivation. You will learn the most important behavioral theory in psychology.
  • Communication. Just because you have two ears, don't mean you know how to listen. Just because you have a mouth, doesn't mean you can communicate. 
  • Influence. Most people inside organizations rely too much on their authority. Big mistake. Find out the types of influence you should develop if you want people to follow you. 
  • Must know Leadership Concepts. Experience teaches us little. You will learn the basics, assess you own skill, know where you are weak and know where you are strong.

If you have completed the Two Courses in the Leadership Communication Skills Certificate, we will substitute: 

  • TOUGH AS NAILS: Enhancing Resilience, Persistence and Mental Toughness    
  • THE METHODS OF MASTERS: How to Quickly Develop New Skills

Upcoming Online Classes in the Leadership Foundations Concentration

    • 06-Aug-2018
    • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Concentration: Verbal Communication Skills & Leadership Foundations Ends Feb 26)
    • 10


    "When managers and other responsible persons in business organizations are asked how much of the work day is spent in communicating, the replies range from 85 to 99 percent." -- Harold Zelko and Frank Dance (1965)

    This course focuses on six essential leadership communication skills—the kind of skills that lead to increased levels of responsibility and increased pay. 

    After all, one cannot be effective as a leader if one doesn't posses stellar communication skills. 

    And really, you can never get too good at the art of communication.

    Modules include:

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    • 03-Sep-2018
    • A 4-Week On-Line Self-Paced Course in the Leadership Foundations Concentration (Level I Learning)

    Image by: A. Savan. Notice that the leader is out front, providing direction to those following.

    "You cannot manage men into battle. You manage things; you lead people."  Grace Hopper, Admiral, U. S. Navy (retired), Nova ( PBS TV), 1986

    To succeed you have to play two roles on the stage of business: manager and leader. For these two roles you want to be a star, a bit player.

    Yet many b-schools fail to clearly distinguish between these two vital roles. On the play of life, you are stuff with an ambiguous role. These professors typically say that leadership is just a small subset of management (called directing), and that people want to be managed. Such a lie. People don't want to be managed; but if you lead them, they will follow you anywhere.

    A depiction of elements of project management. Image by: alphamu57

    The truth is, both roles are critically important ones for success in business and government. People need someone to lead them, just as much as they need an effective manager. 

    Yet, too many suffer under incompetent managers and leaders who simply are bosses who throw their authority around. 

    But there is a huge difference between functioning as a manager and acting like a leader. You can't lead people the same way you would manage time, resources on the balance sheet or expenses on an income statement. 

    Discover what these are. Find out more about how to play each role so you too can be a star on the stage. 

    Mulbery Street, New York City, circa 1900

    Learning Objectives

    • Know the major functions, skills, and responsibilities associated with functioning as an effective manager.
    • Discover the major focus areas and behaviors associated with being an effective leader.
    • Dispel your confusion — understand the fundamental differences between being a leader and a manager.

    "Managers have subordinates—Leaders have followers." — Murray Johannsen

    On Expertise Development (Level I Learning)

    • Major Learning Formats: a. Full Classes and b. Short Courses

    • The Five Concentrations of the Legacee Academy 
    • A Sample Short Course: From Tough as Nails Sample Structure  

    On Skill-Based Learning (Level II Learning)

    • Turn Theory Into Skills: Dual Track Learning (Article and Video)

    Discover Skill-Based Learning: Program Overview

    • Overview: Getting From Novice to Mastery

    • Skills Mapping: How to Define the Skills Needed for Future Success

Courses Descriptions of Full Classes in the Leadership Concentration

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