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Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Skill-Sets


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Before social media, there was only the corporate brand. Still, a few people in industries like entertainment or publishing were able break out and establish their own following. Then came the social media side of the Internet and everything changed.

Where do you learn digital marketing skills if you want to build them? 

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What to do? You can:

1. Take Legacee Academy public online classes as they come up. Not a bad way to fill in expertise gaps if the timing works.

2. Be more systematic. Take a concentration and become a an expert in multiple areas of the digital marketing field. It’s about practical real world theory that develops your ability to:

  • Generate revenues,
  • Uncover qualified leads,
  • Get people to show up.

You get access to hottest online courses needed. These are classes you typically cannot find in the b-schools. These are classes that employers want. These are classes you want if you are going to have a business.

3. You can also explore whether a Legacee digital marketing internship might be right for you. It consists of classes without grades (managers and executives could care less) but you get to apply what you know — and that makes all the difference when it comes to generating revenue for yourself. 

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