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These digital marketing internships are targeted for individuals that want to do great things. 

It’s designed for entrepreneurially minded individuals who have begun The Way Of Heroes. And It’s for those who understand that doing anything great is not going to be easy. It’s for those who will not quit part way through.

Overview. On this Page you will find.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Application Process

Why This Internship is Valuable To You and to Employers

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Increasing, there is a disconnect between where the jobs are and the knowledge and skills being taught in many universities. For example, Internet marketing is rarely covered in any depth in most business schools.

It's strange, but true. American b-schools don't offer the courses that allow students to many digital marketing jobs. I remember in one case, a business chair saying that he wanted good jobs for students; but then he went ahead but refused to offer a class on social marketing. — M. Johannsen, personal story.

This program presents you with an opportunity — for Internet marketing specialties skill-sets employees really want. See also:

SimplyHired: What You Need to Know About A Career in Digital Marketing

Mashable: 10 Tips for Aspiring Digital Marketers

To be honest, very few employers want to spend the time and money filling out the knowledge and skill gaps that should have been provided by the b-schools.

This program provides practical knowledge backed by applying this knowledge. You get real world experience needed to land job or pass an interview.

What You Will Learn (And How You Will Learn it)

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There are no grades, but you must successfully apply the theory in a particular module, before going on to the next one.This works to your advantage since:

a. Employers want people who can produce results, not good grades,

Business Insider: Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA and Most Interviews are Worthless

b. Until you can apply a theory, one does not really understand it, and

c. One can use the internship as a spring board into a marketing job.

Many taking a class will have have an application of in mind. For example, we have individuals who already have a website would rather execute their strategy on their own sites or for an employer they are already working for. The same goes for entrepreneurs who would rather focus on their businesses.

If you do not have an application focus, you can work on projects we have available. 

Legacee interns are focused on learning how to promoting services such as:

You will also get to practice using different type so social media. These channels include:

Linkedin Corporate Brand

Linkedin Personal Brand

YouTube Channel



Facebook Page(s)

Frequently Asked Questions


 Image by: Comstratega. A list of major internet marketing methods.

What Will I Learn?

You have core curriculum of six classes and taking two online electives from a series of four (see below).

Access: The Online Curriculum

Besides content, what else makes the internship valuable?

A second key element of the value of this digital marketing internship — real world application.

We believe that expertise not soon applied is soon lost. Each module has assignments to be completed for you to pass through to the next one. Failure to do the assignment means you would stay with it until it gets done right. 

If you think about it, it’s what we use again and again that we retain. We aim to apply knowledge as quickly as we can. And we do that through the Dual Track Process.

Discover: Learning On The Dual Track.

This is what mastery is all about. We learn more from our mistakes than our successes. And we are likely to make mistakes the first time we do anything new (unfortunately).

What is your approach to coaching?

As a digital marketing intern, you will have an assigned guide. Your guide tailors the assignments, answers questions, and provides feedback.

How Much Does it Cost?

As a marketing intern, you pay nothing for the digital marketing courses (the exception being the first one on skill mapping). You get access to courses that run between $350 and $450. In return, you agree to put in between 4 and 5 hours a week on application assignments.

This is a win-win. Legacee gains by having your participation in campaigns and in content generation. You benefit since the coursework is free and you get extremely valuable job experience and seeing how different channels work.

How Long Does It Take?

Plan on a year. Getting good at digital marketing actually takes years, not twelve months. But after a year, you can confidently stare into a recruiter’s or potential client’s eyes and say, "I'm good at digital marketing and worth what I'm asking for."

Choosing A Specialty.

While every person is different, and much will be revealed as a result of the skill mapping process, you will need to develop special expertise. For example, everybody claims to be an expert in Instagram and Snapchat. Perhaps another one?

How I Get Started?

The first step is to understand where you want to go. This is done by taking the class on Personal Skill Mapping. Or you might take the Social Skill Mapping if you want to help someone and serve as their mentor. 

You also must understand that you are unlikely to succeed in digital marketing if you don’t understand the classic concepts that define the field of marketing. It may be necessary to upgrade your understanding of the 12 foundation concepts

Application Steps

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It’s not that complicated but there are a few important phases.

Take The Skill Mapping Class.

After all, the first step of any journey is to figure out what your destination is and how to get there. For example, saying that you want to create a personal brand is a starting point, not a well-defined destination. Nor is it a path on to get there.

Decide If You Want To Go Forward.

The successful follow a simple rule professors never talk about. We like to call it, “To dumb to quit.” Understand that doing anything great is not going to be easy just don't give up. 

Fill Out An Application.

Everything has a bit of paperwork to fill out.

Decide on Your Digital Marketing Roles

To play the role, one has to first start with an understanding of what is expected. We assume certain skills are needed  to be a digital marketing generalist. But in today’s world you need to also have specialty areas to be a “go to” person in the field.

Construct a Course of Study.

We start out with skill mapping, then go on to copywriting and the personal brand. After that, it depends on your outcomes and the results from the assessment.

Sign The Paperwork.

The paperwork symbolizes our expectations for each other. It spells out your responsibilities.

Begin the Program  

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