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3 Methods of Learning Digital Marketing

Basically, developing digital marketing expertise boils down to three options:

a. Teach Yourself.

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I’m self-taught in a lot of digital marketing areas. Many teach themselves so there is something to be said for that. The major downside? You have to shift through a lot of marginal content to find truth. 

b. Find a b-School Program.

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There are good b-school programs, if one must have a degree. Finding a b-school may work or it may not for reasons mentioned earlier.

How To (and How Not To) Get Expertise in Digital Marketing

B-schools are years behind current best practices in Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, digital marketing expertise is not so easy to find. The skills, not readily practiced in university settings.
Taking lecture classes for a grade mostly a waste of time and money.
If you can generate revenue and leads that convert, even in the tough times you are in demand. You become a profit center not and expense.
This crash course presents the reason why this opportunity for a better career exists

c. Take a Legacee Academy Program.

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You may remember a problem mentioned earlier in this series — not finding individuals with digital marketing expertise. We ended up solving the problem by putting together our own training program — one that we also use for internships.

Now you too can benefit by increasing your expertise or your skills — either to make yourself more attractive to employers or to expand your ability to make income.

Take a concentration: Expertise focused on building a personal brand and your business model or an organizational one – what employers want to see when hiring

Build application skills Practical expertise but focused on context, application and skills development. After all, th best digital marketers are more than just librarians.

Take public short courses and full classes as they are available.

Upcoming Online Digital Marketing Full Classes and Short Courses

    • 11-Feb-2019
    • 18-Mar-2019
    • A Six-Module Full Class On-Line (Level 1 Learning: Expertise Development) OR Available As A Dual Track Full Class (Level II Learning: Skill Development)

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    You might say this is a "college writing deprograming class." Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using what was learned by writing scholarly research papers. The world has moved on; and the real world doesn't value black and white text the way it used to.

    Discover More About:

    • The rules of copywriting

    • Classic techniques that work and will always work

    • How To design emotional appeals

    • Hold people's attention

    • Designing motivational calls to action

    • How to use imagery with copy


    EVEN with email, good content still rules. In this module, you will learn the copyrighting techniques that make content both interesting and motivational. To do so, you have to understand the nature of how to write. For example, if you write like a professor — you will fail at marketing. You will learn about two major forms of email marketing. The first is the promotional email. This is normally a stand alone product promoting a particular offer or event. The other form is the email based newsletter.

    Module 2: Persuasive Patterns

    There are classic persuasive patterns that work. These are useful in writing copy that gets people to take action.  

    Module 3: Generating And Modeling Good Copy

    Good copy shares two characteristics: it gets your interest and motivates you to  do something — such as making that click to a landing page.

    Module 4: Creating Ads That Sell: Integrating Words and Images

    Let's face it, you won't write very good marketing copy using just text. The world has moved on and continues to move away from test only messages.

    Module 5: The Power of Stories, Myths and Archetypes

    We will delve into both Jung and Campbell: giants with deep insights into the strong psychological and motivation forces illustrated by myths and archetypes.

    Module 6: Writing Motivational Posts and Emails

    There is an art to getting someone to make the click. There is even an art to getting a person to open up your eMail.  This is where writing boring is fatal; for who wants to read a another boring piece of writing. Brings back bad memories of reading journal articles. 

    Here you will learn about:

    • How to Grab Attention With a Headline
    • What Can Motivate Action With a Descirption
    • Structures for Compelling Calls To Action

    • 18-Feb-2019
    • 18-Mar-2019
    • Available as 30-day Dual Track Short Course (Level II: Skill Learning)

    "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." — Groucho Marx

    In the old days, a resume used to be enough. NOT TRUE TODAY. 

    Now employers wonder why you have a resume but don't have a profile

    With over 560 million members, Linkedin is one of the most important professional networks in the world.  According to a recent study, over 90% of the recruiters and HR professionals use it as a major tool for sourcing talent. 

    This Course:

    Helps Employers Find You. As one sharp VP in Human Resources said, "We need to reach candidates earlier, before they're being pursued by competitors." 

    Helps You Find Good Employers. Linkedin allows you a way to see into the darkness to access the jobs not get advertised.

    Shows Your How to Expand Your Social Capital. After all, it helps to build a large network of hiring managers and HR recruiters.

    Image by: dodgers

    Take all Four-Modules as Full Class — OR— Just One as a Short Course

    Module 1: How HR Recruiters Use Linkedin (and how to Get on Their Dashboard)

    Image by: Dom 497

    We start with understanding who someone who can hire you thinks — and how they will use Linkedin to find you.

    Module 2: The Tricks To Creating a Top of the Line, Searchable Profile

    Getting found involves the smart use of your profile. You must write it to be found and, get them interested enough to find you. 

    Module 3: Building A High Value Network 

    Image by: Martin Grandjean

    Linkedin acts as like a magnet—it attracts recruiters and employers to you — IF you construct your network properly.

    Module 4: The Essentials of Search For That Dream Internship or JobImage by: LuxMaxArt             

      Some really important things aren't taught in classrooms — like how to search for a job on Linkedin. Find out how. 

      Articles of Interest

      Hot Jobs. What Job Categories Are Rapidly Growing

      Profile or Resume? Which is More Important.

      Do Employers Care about Grades? What Straight A Students Get Wrong

      But like many complex tools, it one must put in the time and effort to master it. What you get back from it, depends on what you put into it.

      • 04-Mar-2019
      • A Twelve-Module Program. Available as a twelve-week Full Class with Instructor (Level I: Learning Expertise) OR a Dual Track Short Course (Level II: Skill Learning)

      Money is always scarce; it pays to know what one is doing. And in marketing, there are a relatively small number of must know theories that mean the difference between success and failure. They are that important. 

      Because they appear to be simple, too many business people are stuck with executing on superficial knowledge — resulting in lead funnels that fail to generate revenue or even qualify leads. But when these twelve are used in the right combination, they drastically lower the cost (and time) of customer acquisition. 

      This course presents practical, relevant down to earth techniques to generate new business. The kind of knowledge you know to:

      1) Scale a new business, 

      2) Launch a new product;

      3) Take an existing product into a new niche

      4)  Display perform as a marketing professional.

      You might say this course serves as the strong foundation necessary to be effective in marketing products and services. It's future oriented. It focuses a great deal of attention on applying these enduring concepts in the digital marketing universe. 

      Finally, the course is presented either totally online or as a blended class for organizational clients. No textbook is required: videos, audios and articles come from the Internet. 

      Course Learning Objectives

      1. Enhance your expertise in 12 critically important marketing competencies

      2. Grasp the most important issues and problems encountered in digital marketing today.

      3. Cultivate the expertise (and the skill) needed to do a marketing role in a company.

      4. Learn tools and concepts practiced in the real world and tested on the firing line of experience


      0. Course Overview

      1. Trend Spotting: How to do Environmental Scanning

      2. Developing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

      3. Identifying and Overcoming Market Entry Barriers

      4. Ways to define the ideal Market Niche through Segmentation

      5. Defining Positioning and Branding for Products and Services 

      6. The Essentials of Sound Pricing and Effective Sales Promotions

      7. Combining Sound Strategy with Robust Business Models

      8. Standing Out From the Crowd and the Competition: How to Use Differentiation

      9. The Digital Marketing Mix: Capitalizing On Internet and Viral Marketing Tactics

      10. The Classic Marketing Mix: Tried and Truth Methods That Continue to Work

      11. Being Newsworthy: What's Needed to Get Free Media Publicity

      12. Strategy and Tactics: Executing a Flawless Marketing Campaign

      About the Instructor 

      Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. Secondly, besides having one foot in the real world, he has the other one in the world of education, serving as an adjunct professor at top universities in America and Asia. 

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