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3 Methods of Learning Digital Marketing

Basically, developing digital marketing expertise boils down to three options:

a. Teach Yourself.

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I’m self-taught in a lot of digital marketing areas. Many teach themselves so there is something to be said for that. The major downside? You have to shift through a lot of marginal content to find truth. 

b. Find a b-School Program.

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There are good b-school programs, if one must have a degree. Finding a b-school may work or it may not for reasons mentioned earlier.

How To (and How Not To) Get Expertise in Digital Marketing

B-schools are years behind current best practices in Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, digital marketing expertise is not so easy to find. The skills, not readily practiced in university settings.
Taking lecture classes for a grade mostly a waste of time and money.
If you can generate revenue and leads that convert, even in the tough times you are in demand. You become a profit center not and expense.
This crash course presents the reason why this opportunity for a better career exists

c. Take a Legacee Academy Program.

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You may remember a problem mentioned earlier in this series — not finding individuals with digital marketing expertise. We ended up solving the problem by putting together our own training program — one that we also use for internships.

Now you too can benefit by increasing your expertise or your skills — either to make yourself more attractive to employers or to expand your ability to make income.

Take a concentration: Expertise focused on building a personal brand and your business model or an organizational one – what employers want to see when hiring

Build application skills Practical expertise but focused on context, application and skills development. After all, th best digital marketers are more than just librarians.

Take public short courses and full classes as they are available.

Upcoming Online Digital Marketing Full Classes and Short Courses

    • 25-Feb-2018
    • 24-Jun-2018
    • A 15-Week On-Line Full Class With Instructor (Concentrations: Entrepreneurial Digital Marketing: Track I & Enterprise Digital Marketing: Track 1)

    Image by: Image by: Brian Solis and JESS3.

    This is the overview full class the set the stage for for using the Internet as a means for generating revenues directly (as in business to consumer) or qualified leads (as in business to business). It overviews all the major tools and techniques, classic and evolving. 

    The assumption is that one is acting as a Great Founder who wishes to start a business part-time. It goes not cover the techniques used by large organizations to which lots of money to spend. More it assumes that you might be someone who wants to do gig work or grow a business through means other than by throwing large trounces of money on it.

    It will present the major techniques you need to develop to raise seed capital to crowdfund a business. For example, a major focus will be projects that apply grow a personal or corporate brand. And what it takes to build a large network. 

    It will give you the essentials of understanding the practical side of growing a business. 

    • Reward, donations and preorder Crowdfunding

    Linkedin for lead generation

    • Monetizing social media channels such as Facebook

    • Video marketing and channels such as YouTube

    • Must know techniques using Email and marketing automation

    • Key Trends

    Copywriting: Classic 

    • Conversion tactics

    The course will also have get you started on business creation by taking you have you do a project. 

    About the Instructor and Course Designer

    Murray Johannsen is unique in that he brings to the course two hard to find qualities: depth of expertise backed by real world marketing experience. First, he is a Founder who runs his own business and continuously devises marketing campaigns. Secondly, besides having one foot in the real world, he has the other one in the world of education, serving as an adjunct professor at top universities in America and Asia. 

    • 02-Apr-2018
    • A Four-Week On-Line Short Course (Digital Marketing Concentration: Track I Ends Nov 6)

    Facebook has 1.6 billion monthly users and a market value of over $300 billion. That makes it the largest social media network in the world—an extremely important platform where you can generate leads and prospects and fans while interacting with friends.

    This course focuses on PAGES and FANS and REVENUES, not profiles and friends, for these are the key elements to utilizing the platform to grow brands and business.

    You will discover:

    Module 1: Facebook Advertising: Reaching Millions in Minutes


    Facebook Foundations: Critical Parts to a SophisticatedPlatform

     Setting Up a Dynamite Personal or Business Page

    Tools and Techniques to Build, Expand and Sustain a FanBase

    Facebook Marketing: Habits to Develop, Pitfalls to Avoid

    Image by: olga.palma

    • 16-Apr-2018
    • A 4-Week On-Line Short Course With Optional Coaching (Concentration: Digital Marketing: Track I)

    Grow Your Social Capital

    Not growing social capital is a hug mistake—like not saving for retirement, Sure you need to be competent but who you know matters. And have a large network matters when it comes to getting work.  

    For example, International and national business was much more difficult and expensive—fruitless hours prospecting, sitting in a planes cars and hotel rooms. Now you can generate national and international leads sitting at home.

    Today you may still have to travel, but you are traveling to meet someone who already knows you. More importantly, the issues of trust and credibility have been sorted out prior to the face-to-face. 

    Key Take Aways

     Benchmark individuals with really impressive profiles

     Discover the many ways you can project your expertise

     Define the essential attributes making up your “personal brand.”

    You have a two-week money back guarantee.

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