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3 Methods of Learning Digital Marketing

Basically, developing digital marketing expertise boils down to three options:

a. Teach Yourself.

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I’m self-taught in a lot of digital marketing areas. Many teach themselves so there is something to be said for that. The major downside? You have to shift through a lot of marginal content to find truth. 

b. Find a b-School Program.

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There are good b-school programs, if one must have a degree. Finding a b-school may work or it may not for reasons mentioned earlier.

How To (and How Not To) Get Expertise in Digital Marketing

B-schools are years behind current best practices in Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, digital marketing expertise is not so easy to find. The skills, not readily practiced in university settings.
Taking lecture classes for a grade mostly a waste of time and money.
If you can generate revenue and leads that convert, even in the tough times you are in demand. You become a profit center not and expense.
This crash course presents the reason why this opportunity for a better career exists

c. Take a Legacee Academy Program.

Image by: Brian Solis and JESS3

You may remember a problem mentioned earlier in this series — not finding individuals with digital marketing expertise. We ended up solving the problem by putting together our own training program — one that we also use for internships.

Now you too can benefit by increasing your expertise or your skills — either to make yourself more attractive to employers or to expand your ability to make income.

Take a concentration: Expertise focused on building a personal brand and your business model or an organizational one – what employers want to see when hiring

Build application skills Practical expertise but focused on context, application and skills development. After all, th best digital marketers are more than just librarians.

Take public short courses and full classes as they are available.

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