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Stive To Be The Best

"Be All That You Can Be." -- The Core Slogan of an ad campaign by the U.S. Army

This coaching program focuses on fine-tuning the leadership skills executives need to stay on top of their game.

The Four Core Competencies


  • Let's face it, you have to get better. You have to improve. One needs to work to build skills and master them. 
The Mind-set
  • One can't be a transformational leader without a matching belief system and mind-set.
  • Most people inside organizations rely too much on their authority. Big mistake. Find out the types of influence you should develop if you want people to follow you.

Leadership Skills

  • Leaders shouldn't depend on authority. They should "up there game" by building the skills that create a following.

Give Yourself an Edge

Fine-Tune the Skills Great Leaders Need

Enhance Your Influence Skills

Think Different — Think Better

Customized To You

Our Four Phase Delivery Process





About Your Program Designer and Executive Coach

Murray Johannsen is founder and President of Legacee and The Legacee Academy where he heads-up the focus on high demand skill-sets not taught well (or at all) by most b-schools. These include the major competencies of:

a. The skill of building skills,

b. Digital marketing, and

c. Transformational leadership.

Murray also keeps one foot in the academia by serving as an adjunct professor at UCLA and other universities.

Finally, he continues to research and publish on major developments in the future of work and 21st Century skills.

He has a MBA from the University of Iowa and a M.A. in Psychology from Harvard University.

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Make an appointment

If you are interested in this program, do connect with Murray on Zoom. He would enjoy chatting.

Bring Learning Inside Your Organization

You might say, expertise requires memorization; skill development requires practice; and mastery requires real effort. But whatever level of learning you want, we follow a process (see below). Discover how the classes (and the modules within them) are organized.

Opportunities For Leaders

Smart people up there game before they need to play. This is, those on the fast track prepare themselves ahead of time for greater responsibility.  When the door of opportunity opens, they are ready to step through it. You may want to:

    • Prosper as a team leader. A tough role to play. Typically, you have all the responsibilities of a supervisor with none of the authority.
    • Get your ducks in a row — be a project manager. Leadership is important here since one (ideally) can evolve the group into a team.
    • Prepare to be a supervisor. It's long been known, supervisors don't lose that job because of lack of technical skills, they lack people skills.
    • Hop onto the fast track. Most organizations (although they won't say so) have identified a pool to promote quickly.  

Options For Individual Learning

Take a Self-paced Course

. You have the freedom work get it done when you want.

Take any Public Program as they come up. A nice way to meet others who are also interested in what you are interested in.

Get Coaching on the Dual Track. Take a module (there are many) and strive to master it in 30-days.
Access Customized Learning. We have subject matter experts who can put together something designed uniquely for you in the areas of:

Skill mastery, and

Digital marketing. 

Human Resource or Training Manager

Organizations have different delivery options.  For groups this includes: on-line, blended or even live training (we bring the instructor to you). Either on an individual class or as a cohort basis. 

One can also choose whether you want the coaching necessary to develop skills or would rather focus on skills. 

Rather than develop a class (an expensive proposition), you can

• License one or more in a series, and 
• Use the courseware with your own trainers or ours.

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