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"Everyone complains about the cost of education, but no-one complains about the cost of ignorance." 

"After all, if it was just about knowledge, most of the world’s leaders would be librarians." 

A Better Way to Get Ahead

Employers don't just want expertise, they also want skill. Behavioral skills. Not the skill of writing scholarly research papers and taking tests. An "A" does not mean real world competence.

So what's missing? Two things:

    • Relevant theory that can be practiced.
    • The motivation and feedback mechanisms to reach mastery.

Sound, Practical Theory. This is not about “blue sky” theory — you know the kind of stuff so impractical that you can’t use it in the real word.  It’s about what employers want and entrepreneurs need.

Build Deep Expertise. What’s in your long-term memory matters. You can’t Google it when the boss asks you a question. And when ignorant, you can’t even use the search engines properly since they won't know what questions to ask.

Strive To Master Skills. We don’t just want leaders who understand the theory, but can’t lead. The focus is on moving from novice to mastery. 

Pallas Athena, Picture from the Austrian Parliament Image by Jubalon

Real World Application. OK, some things are nice to know. But when it comes to our two primary roles (digital marketing or transformational leadership), you got to make things happen in the real world.

Receive Badges. This are attached to specific competencies in a concentration.

Get a Certificate. Complete a concentration and receive a Legacee Academy certificate as recognition of your accomplishments.

Experienced Instructors. Instructor-based courses and classes that we offer online have individuals who really know the topic.

Skilled Guides. In skill-based learning, Legacee Academy guides are mentors and coaches who will guide your practice.

Potential Project (Gig) Work. For these that build skills (Level II learning), you can receive additional training to serve as a the role of Guide or Instructor.

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -- Shakespeare, The Twelve Night, ( Act II, Scene V)

Now you too can benefit by increasing expertise or skills — either to make yourself more attractive to employers or to expand your ability to make income. You can: 

1. Take Legacee Academy public online classes as they come up. Not a bad way to fill in expertise gaps if the timing works. 

2. Take Short Courses, OR Self-Paced Learning  OR Full Classes as they become available. 

Competency Levels

Level I: Expertise

This is the level of understanding and knowledge. It means further developing your ability to memorize and recall. In this case, it is the skill sets one would want to develop a better set of tools to know and understand. One would think that in the information age, we would be good at memorizing and recalling information, but we are not.

Find out the details on mastering expertise

Level 2: Learning Skills

These are incorporated into the methods of masters program. You don’t be JUST a theory wonk — do something with the knowledge you have — use these mastery practices to accelerate the building of  skills you can use in the real world. This level of mastery is typically neglected since it requires practice and different development approaches.

Tragically, the skill development models used in corporations and government are deeply flawed. It’s no wonder executives don’t want to spend money on training. And it’s why you would want to use an Academy Model.  

Find out more about mastering skills

Level 3: The Master Teacher

Just because you are good at something, doesn’t mean you can teach it. Once you know something really well, help others to develop what you know and can do.

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