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"Everyone complains about the cost of education, but no-one complains about the cost of ignorance." — Said in various ways by many\

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Lead The Pack

Leadership Foundations

Leadership isn't a trait; it's a skill honed through understanding key theories, practicing effective techniques, and employing strategic methods.

This understanding allows you to inspire, encourage, and sway others effectively.

Our course provides you with these tools, starting from the essentials, moving towards a comprehensive understanding of leadership psychology, and helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Click to learn more about our course and commence your leadership journey.

Verbal Communication

Two ears and a mouth don't make you a good listener or an eloquent speaker," quips Murray Johannsen.

So, what's the most critical skill to invest in? It's not coding or math. It's the art of interpersonal and group communication, a skill you use every single day, in all walks of life.

Always in demand by employers, and always an area where you can improve. Intrigued?

Click through to our course description to discover how you can transform your communication skills and excel in your personal and professional life.

Dare To Be Great

Are you ready to challenge the status quo?

"Dare to be Great" is an empowering series of six short courses, each offered monthly as self-paced online courses designed to cultivate crucial leadership skills.

Each course delves into a specific topic crucial to effective leadership, offering you a well-rounded understanding of what it takes to lead with confidence and courage.

Don't just strive for good, dare to be great.

Click for a detailed course description.

Learn How to Influence

It's a common pitfall: managers leaning too heavily on their authority and finding their influence limited, especially when dealing with peers, bosses, friends, and family.

The solution?

A toolkit of eight distinct types of influence that complement authority and enhance your ability to effect change.

Our course unpacks each of these forms of influence, guiding you on when and how to employ them.

If you're ready to elevate your leadership impact, click to learn more about our comprehensive course.

Motivation At Work

Want to delve into the most practical theory of behavioral psychology?

Discover the magic of Operant Conditioning with us. This groundbreaking theory not only makes sense but is full of common-sense techniques.

From personal relationships to professional settings, Operant Conditioning provides a practical, easy-to-use framework that inspires, motivates, and engages.

Click through to our in-depth course description and uncover the powerful secrets of behavior modification.

tart your journey today to become the motivator you've always aspired to be.

Turn Groups Into Teams

Leadership is more than just guiding a group—it's about transforming that group into a harmonious team.

Steering individuals, especially those with self-centered tendencies, towards a common goal can be complex, but the payoff is immeasurable.

Our course equips you with the necessary skills to turn even the most stubborn group into a unified, productive team.

Interested in leading the pack more effectively?

Click to explore the intricacies of our course

Dive Into 21st Century Marketing


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Learning With a Difference - Strive For Mastery:

"He who stops being better — stops being good." — Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)

Level I: Develop Expertise

“Our knowledge can only be finite, while our ignorance must necessarily be infinite." Karl Popper

Build Deep Expertise. What’s in your long-term memory matters. 

For when we are ignorant, we can’t even use the search engines properly since we won't know what questions to ask. And you can’t Google it when the boss asks you a question. 

This is the level of understanding and knowledge. It means further developing your ability to memorize and recall.

Level 2: Build Skills

"Those who can do. Those who can't do, consult. Those who can't consult, teach." —American Saying

Strive To Master Skills. The focus here is on moving from novice to mastery. Let's face it, you don’t just want theory wonk or a professor in the real world of business.

Organizations want someone with skillful means — someone who understands the theory, but turn it into action. 

Organizations don't teach it and individuals don't know it. That creates opportunity for those that do.  

Choose a Level of Learning Right For You

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.” -- Shakespeare, The Twelve Night, ( Act II, Scene V)

The Goddess of Wisdom, Athena

"If it was just about university knowledge, most of the world’s leaders and billionaires would be librarians." — Murray Johannsen

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